Tips to Create an Attractive Website Design that Makes Users Happy

Deciding over a website design is difficult as there is always a gap between common user behavior and designers’ understanding. The professional designers (UI UX agencies) tend to produce what they like or what their peers would like the best for a website. However, it does not work in reality. 

To create a website design that makes the users happy, they must go out of the way to know users and their expectations. The following are some of the tips that can help you take the initial steps towards making an attractive website design. 

1. Have a Minimalist Design 

Simplicity is not new in web designing, but it has revived after trying different vibrant and dynamic color techniques. Now that the users have more stores and websites to browse, they need a simple design to grab most of the information without spending much of their time.

For this purpose, simplicity works the best. It allows visitors to read the content, move between the options, and take action. A website that is complex in design or structure is difficult to understand for a common user.  

Before you apply a simple and minimalist design, you may require extensive research of the target audiences. Look into the local expectations too because a web design Shenzhen may not suffice the needs of a global audience. Conduct multiple testing to know the effectiveness of your simplified website versions. 

2. Improve Content Display 

The way online users view a web page is different from a normal reader. A web user tries to scan a page rather than reading every bit of the content. To make the web page readable, try to create a layout that includes text, images, infographics, and other variety of content. Have good use of white spacing to make the user pause and continue scanning the pages. 

To help them easily scan different pieces of content on your website, try to design different blocks. For example, you can create banners and sliders to attract users towards a specific notification, or you can design separate sections of content such as relevant products, who bought this also bought this, best selling products, etc. bloggers can also improve the design with a variety of content blocks. For example, they can add a ‘recent comment’ section. 

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

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The surge in eCommerce has now moved to mobile commerce. The users who used to search for their favorite products on personal computers are now doing the same on their smartphones and mobile gadgets. It is now more convenient to find products and websites with a voice or text query from a mobile.

To make the users happy in browsing your store and products, you have to make create a mobile-friendly website design. It may drag you to consider various techniques in boosting the speed of mobile pages and the design that squeezes and shrinks with the varying sizes of mobile devices.  

The mobile-friendliness approach does not only help you attract customers, but it makes them stay for longer. It is an important aspect of improving user experience that is why it is now a search engine ranking factor as well. Your website will not make it to the above results if the website design is not mobile responsive. 

4. Work on Sensible Navigation 

Website navigation must be usual and simple. Online users like to browse a website that follows the general rules of navigation so that they can easily go through their required sections. Adding anything different from the usual may be like taking a risk or it may depend on the specific needs of your business. 

Pay attention to the navigation and try to lay its foundation on a logical basis. For example, if most of the websites in your niche or competition are using the usual navigation of home, about us, and services pages, then follow the same pattern.

However, if you think another section is more significant and has to come before the about us or services section, you can break the common rules, and go out of the way in serving the clients or customers. For example, most of the artists need to project their portfolio instead of the services page as their past work defines their services more than a mere page.

5. Write in Easy-to-Understand Language 

Language can be the biggest barrier when reaching out to potential customers in a specific region. For example, if you promoting a set of products or services all across UAE, China, or Arabic countries. A general perception about it is the use of the Arabic language or Chinese, whereas facts are different.

Immigrants populate the gulf countries the most that are more comfortable speaking and reading the English language. Therefore, you have to use a simple language to make the users happy or making multiple language versions of the same website.  

Additionally, you also have to know your target audience and their general understanding of a language. If they are not highly qualified, you must remove the technical terms and jargon from the text.

Concluding Words

The structure and design of a website define the success and failure of your online business. To make the users happy, you need to bring a balance between the user needs and business goals. 

Start with a minimalist design, work on improving the content layout, and mobile responsiveness are some of the keys to turning your simple website into an attractive and exciting one.

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