Things You Should Do to Make Money Through Wix Website

Have you ever heard about Wix website? It is actually a relatively new platform that provide you some free and e-commerce price website domain. Indeed, Wix can be a great idea to start making profits through websites.

Monetize the website

You can also outreach and sell sponsored posts to local agencies like we used to work with an SEO agency in Singapore and earn money by showing the relevant products and offers to your audience.

Developing great website

You do not have to worry about how to develop the website, even if you are a beginner in this area, Wix offers you a lot of free website template. You don’t even have to design the blog on your own, there are some template with some example of post. So you can just edit the template by changing the headline and edit the post by replacing the pictures and articles. Then, you just need to edit the template to create your own website with one specific niche.

Monetize the website

So, how to make money with the websites? After you published the website, your next job can be pretty challenging. First, you have to ad Google AdSense. This application will help your website to be scanned by Google to find other sites with some content that go with your website. Once you find some add that can add some advertisement link you will received some fees for every click and every products sold through your site. Second, the Fiverr Wix. It is an application that specially offered by Wix for you who has ability to create crazy and interesting post like video and picture to increase the traffic. Wix will pay $5 for every post on your Wix website when you install the Fiverr application.

Third, consider affiliate program. It is similar to other website and blog way to make money through internet networking. The affiliate program offers you a lot of commercial links from that you can make money by commission system or pay per click or PPC system. At last, consider online shop. Wix provides you excellent site for anyone who want to sell stuffs online. It provides you a lot links and easy promotion every second. So, it will be perfect for you to open your own shop and sell any stuffs. But, it is suggested for you to sell the stuffs with one big niche. You can open more than one online shop sites if you sell various kind of stuffs at once. So you can develop several websites at once and connect every of your Wix website to increase the traffic to make profit.

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