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Word and Excel can be said to be one of the most popular software for office need, like type document, create a diagram and many more. Therefore, many people use this software to create an important document for their job or other purposes. However, like other files, there are some cases when you accidentally delete that important Word and Excel file. Moreover, you also delete that file from Recycle Bin. Now, you lose that file forever. Thats not quite true. Actually, you can still use Word and excel document recovery software, to restore the deleted file. With this software, you can get the lost file and use it like before. Now, the question is which software should you use? There are many of them. One of them is Disk Drill. This software is special software that can help you to get those deleted files in the easiest and most effective method. For more information about this software, you can look and get it on its official website, at But, for now, lets take a look at what this software can do for you.


Easy to Use

The most interesting thing about Disk Drill is its easy-to-use concept. You dont need to have high skill in programming or knowledge about the technical stuff. Everything was made easier for anyone, even beginner. The interface design of this software will help you to understand what kind of functions you can use on this software. You can easily find the scan button, that you can use to search the lost file on a specific drive or all drives that you have on your PC. Then, you just need to choose the file that you want to restore after this file recovery software found them all. Then, hit restore button and your lost file will be restored and can be used like before. You dont even need tutorial or instruction manual to use this software. Everything was made to be ready to use. Of course, this software still has some guide and instruction file that can help you, when you have a question or want to search something about its function or feature. And, its indeed you will need it if you want to know more about the whole function of this software. However, for standard and basic usage, you wont need it.



The other good thing about Disk Drill is its high compatibility. Basically, this software is compatible with many different devices and disk format. This feature is really useful because most people use many different systems to keep their Words and Excel file. For example, they share and save it through Cloud server, and then they download and copy it to their computer, mobile device, flash drive and other devices when they want to use it. Therefore, there is a big chance, if the lost file case happens on different devices. And, Disk Drill can deal with that without a problem. This software can recover deleted files on windows, MacOS and even Linux. More than that, you also can use it on FAT32 or NTFS disk format. So, basically, you can use this software on any devices that you have.


Recovery Feature

The good thing about Disk Drill is it can also recover unsaved documents that you make in Word or Excel. This feature is really useful, especially if you accidentally close your Word or Excel and you havent saved your document. Your file will be recovered as .asd file. Then, you can use it to continue your work with Word or Excel software. What you need to understand here is sometimes, even after you recover the file, you will find that that file is empty, no sentences or words that you previously typed. This condition doesnt mean that this word document recovery process is failed. But, the Word or Excel software doesnt record it before you accidentally close it.

The recovery feature also gives you many different filters you can use. This is really useful, especially if Disk Drill found thousands of files when it scans your drives. Of course, you dont want to waste too much time to search one by one for the file that you want to recover. With many different filters available, you just need to choose the type of file and short it out, and then you can get the file you want to recover easily. After that, you can select one file that you want to recover or you also can select multiple and even all of them to recover at the same time.

To recover deleted Word document or other files, Disk Drill also has the Deep Scan feature. This is an advanced feature that will search every sector in your drive, to make sure you wont miss any file that you accidentally deleted in the past. As we all know, when you delete a file, it wont disappear forever. The OS that you use will change its name and format, and keep it in a specific sector in your drive. When you install new software or copy file from other drives, that sector will be needed by this new file, and this is when that file is really deleted. However, with the size of todays hard drive, the deleted file can last longer. Therefore, with this feature, you can find and recover deleted excel document or any other file that you deleted before.

The recovery success rate is quite high. This also makes Disk Drill become one of the best and trusted recovery software you can find today. Many companies and individual users use this software for their recovery needs.

The other good thing about Disk Drill is this is free data recovery software. However, you also can upgrade this software to its pro version. Just pay the price for the pro version and you will get more feature and much better performance from Disk Drill. But, for standard usage, the free version is enough for you. If you want to know more or get the free or pro version, you can visit their official website, here.

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