Top 5 GoPro Accessories for Great Underwater Footage

There is no doubt that a GoPro camera captures the best images on land. It can equally capture the best footages under water, but you have to use it with the right accessories. Unlike on land, you require extra light and stability when shooting footages under the sea. You’ll also require somewhere to place your camera. Simply, you need waterproof accessories that will make your videography not only easier but enjoyable too.

Even though there as so many camera accessories that are compatible with the GoPro, nothing beats an original accessory. So, always ensure that the accessories that you buy are from GoPro. They will give you a better service for a longer period. While at it, ensure that the accessories are waterproof since you’ll be taking the images underwater.

There are so many accessories that you may need, but these 5 are the most important ones:

  1. GoPro Gimbal

The sea can be very unstable and this may hamper your videography. To ensure that you don’t take shaky footages, you’ll need a GoPro gimbal. The accessory will stabilize your GoPro camera and ensure that the images you shoot are smooth and high-quality.The gimbal can also double up as a selfie stick to shoot close images. While shopping for the gimbal, ensure you go for a lightweight waterproof design. Also, consider those with pockets for keeping small valuables such as keys and cash.

  1. GoPro Light

It can appear dark under the sea and this may interfere with your shooting. A GoPro Light gives you the necessary illumination that you need to shoot quality undersea footages. While selecting the lamp, you should go for an LED design since it will save you energy. Likewise, look for an option that can be mounted under the water.

  1. GoPro Camera Tray

You need a GoPro camera tray to place your camera and other accessories when you need to fix your devices or charge the battery. The tray allows you to work like a pro. Just ensure that your option is strongly-built and lightweight. In most cases, the trays are aluminum.

  1. GoPro Power Bank

It can be a devastating thing if your GoPro camera battery goes out of charge in the middle of a videography session. To prevent such a scenario, you need to buy an ideal USB GoPro power bank that you can use to charge the battery while the camera is rolling. You should look for a USB type and make sure it’s waterproof since you’ll often use it underwater.

  1. GoPro Waterproof Case

Although most GoPro cameras are waterproof, you can enhance their protection with a waterproof case. The case will also protect the camera from physical impact. You should also note that some accessories will only work when you fit your GoPro camera in the diving case. When looking for the diving case, just ensure it fits your GoPro perfectly.

With the above GoPro accessories, you can shoot great footages under the sea. They are meant to complement the camera and make the videography session a success. They are readily available online and you shouldn’t find it hard to shop for whatever suits you.

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