The Best Mattress Type for Relieving Chronic Lumbar Discomfort

Chronic lumbar discomfort is a debilitating condition, causing near-constant pain for people as they go about their day-to-day lives. One of the most difficult challenges for sufferers of chronic lumbar discomfort is getting a good night’s sleep. The pain they endure can lead to disrupted sleep, degrading their quality of life. One of the best ways of combating the symptoms of chronic lumbar discomfort at night is by ensuring your mattress is designed for such a purpose. In this article, we go over why products with memory foam create the best mattress for back pain.

Chronic Lumbar Discomfort

Chronic lumbar discomfort is commonly caused through misalignment of the spine. This can be found in any of the three curves of your spinal cord: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine. Lower back pain is due to issues in the lowest curve (lumbar) of the back.

Why Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses are undoubtedly the best choice for sufferers of chronic lumbar discomfort. Memory foam mattresses adjust to the shape of the user’s body thanks to their weight and temperature. This adjustment allows for great support as the user’s weight is distributed across their entire body. This avoids the increased pressure on the lower back that other mattresses can cause. The imprint into the memory foam layer can also help to stop movement when on the mattress, helping to reduce painful involuntary movements when asleep.

When looking for memory foam mattresses, it is important to understand the density vs. the quality of the memory foam. Higher density foam offers more support for the user, however higher density doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. Look for the materials used in the memory foam construction. Examples include foam infused with gel beads to disperse heat, plant-based foam for breathability and off-gassing, and foam infused with copper for the relief of joint pain and the antimicrobial properties. Modern memory foam mattresses do not suffer from the overheating issues of earlier designs. Ensure that you know the materials used in your memory foam mattress and its year of manufacture so that you can guarantee its quality.

Memory foam mattresses can help to reduce the debilitating symptoms caused by chronic lumbar discomfort. Providing proper support to the lower back at night-time can help sufferers to get a much-deserved rest pain-free. With most manufacturers offering free trials and lengthy warranties, a memory foam mattress can be a great investment for your long-term health.

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