The Benefits of Flin Slim Solar Inverter


Have you changed your way to use energy into more environmental friendlier way? It’s actually easy to do. You just need to use solar energy, as one of the energy sources for your everyday activity. In order to change the sunlight into energy, you can use Solar energy Inverter Systems. This system is the most important part of a solar power system.

What is Solar Energy Inverter System?

Solar energy inverter is a system that converts the DC output produced by the solar panel into AC output. The AC output will be fed into the electric system in your house. You must know that most of the electric appliances in your house need AC current to operate. Therefore, without the inverter system, even though you’ve installed the solar panel, you won’t be able to use the energy from it.

The Flin Slim Solar Inverter

There are many types of solar inverter systems you can find on the market. But, if you are looking for the best solar inverter system, you can try the Flin Slim solar inverter. This product has many benefits and features, such as:

  • MPPT solar charge controller

This is one of the best features you can find in a solar inverter system. This feature allows you to connect the solar panel to the inverter easily. And, once you connect it, you can easily use the solar energy for your house and electric appliance.

  • Can be used for on-grid or off-grid version

The Flin Slim solar inverter system also has an automatic system inside. This feature will help you to make a priority of the solar energy usage. This feature also helps you to save more energy. It prioritizes the use of solar energy more than the grid energy. Therefore, it can lower the energy usage in your house, plus save more money for electrical bills. However, you also can choose it manually, whether you want to use the on grid mode or off-grid mode.

  • 93% peak efficiency

With this efficiency level, the solar energy usage will be much better than other product. It can work this better because of the advanced battery charging algorithm. This special algorithm will improve the performance of the battery that keeps the solar energy from the solar panel.

  • Slim design

Maybe it sounds simple. However, with its slim design, you can install this solar inverter in many areas in your house. You also can easily connect it with many electrical appliances, such as AC, lighting system and others.


Flin Slim solar inverter system is one of the best systems you can install in your house or office. This system will help you to convert your energy system into the much better system using solar energy. Even though this system makes everything easier, you still need to install it carefully and correctly. Therefore, you may also need to ask for help from professionals in order to avoid any mistake. Then, you are ready to get the benefits from Flin Slim Solar energy Inverter Systems.

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