PlayStore Alternatives you should try

The Google PlayStore has been around for what seems like ages now, and no one ever really looks for alternatives. But there could be rare instances when you’d have a to use a different app store to download apps.

Maybe you need to get a tablet only app on your Mobile phone, or perhaps there is a paid app that you just don’t want to pay for. Sometimes it’s situations like these that lead to people looking for alternatives, and if you’re one of those people then boy have you come to the right place. Whatever we’ve got here today is a list of Google PlayStore alternatives that you should try.

Now obviously to install applications from unknown sources you should give  your phone permission to install applications from unknown sources.

Don’t know how to do that?

Don’t worry.

Head over to Settings > Security. Tap on “Unknown sources” to allow installation.

APK Mirror

APK Mirror should be your one stop destination for everything free

Literally. A store which supports only and only free applications.

The apps are arranged using different filters ranging from alphabetical to most downloaded.

With a clean and easy to use UI this is one of the top apps you can use as an alternative to Google PlayStore.


If you’re into the whole “want the new thing before anyone else has it” business then SlideMe is the place to go. SlideMe provides one with most Android Open Source Project(AOSP) OEM’s that are usually uploaded earlier than the PlayStore onto the SlideMe market.

Again the store provides ample other fully developed apps that are free or paid with a quality control analysis that’s second to none.

So even if it’s a half cooked app you’re trying out. You can rest assured that your phone is in safe hands.

GetAPK Market

GetAPK Market is the place to go if you want to get premium applications for free.

Yes you read that right. Premium/Paid applications all for free.

Now we all know how we sometimes just skin past applications cause we simply do not want to pay for them. Well GetAPK market aims to put an end to just that. On this market, you can find thousands of paid applications that are available for free download.

The simple UI and the sheer amount of applications available make GetAPK a great alternative for the Google PlayStore.


Another great destination for getting hold of Premium applications for free is AppBrain.

How exactly?

Well, it works a bit differently on AppBrain, over here developers offer premium apps for free for a limited time as a result of AppBrain publicizing their application.

All the applications on AppBrain are legitimately from the PlayStore the only difference being the random free apps that become available from time to time. Which again,is no small deal

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore provided apps legitimately and for free. With a library of over 300,000 apps. Amazon Appstore has a great feature called Free App of the day wherein they provide a paid premium app for free. This particular app is refreshed every day so you can sneak in a few great deals if you sign in to check every few days. Another great thing about Amazon Appstore is the trust you can have over it.

Amazon is the brand that they are, work extra hard to make sure you’re not blasted in the face with malicious software. They also have a pretty immense collection of books music and movies if you’re interested.


Finally, with one of the more popular alternatives out there, Monogenie is the one app most people already know about. Alongside the huge app collection, there are also videos, songs and audio files you can download using Monogenie.

The search engine is also quite intuitive as it analyses your preferences and gives you recommendations accordingly.

So that was our list of PlayStore alternatives that you must try(if you only ever feel the need to, no pressure. )

Now at the end of the day this list does remain OUR recommendation if there are other app stores you think we’re missing out on let us know down in the comments section!

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