What Recruiters Can or Can’t Do for You

Working with a recruiter has its advantages. Looking for a new job is easier because they will find prospective employers and forward your resume. They have all the necessary connections to make it possible for your application to land on top of the pile and be noticeable to the interviewer.

If you’re working in the medical field and need physician recruiters like https://mascmedical.com, it will be easy for you to land the job you’ve always aimed for. However, there is always a limitation to this because they can’t help you get your dream job if you can’t effectively communicate what you’re looking for to them.

Looking for new opportunities is a job in itself and if you’re thinking of connecting with a physician recruiter to help you, below are the things they can and can’t do for you.

Assess your specialty and find the right facility for you

While it’s tempting to submit your resume to a lot of recruiters to get better chances of landing a new job, it will make you look desperate and disorganized when hospitals receive multiple applications from the same person, for one position.

It would be good if you take the time to know your recruiter and their experience level in getting physicians like you a job. Having a good idea of your recruiter’s networking ability and how well they’re connected to different healthcare facilities will give you a better perspective of where they can place you.

Recruiters don’t get a percentage of your salary

Most candidates assume that physician recruiters get a cut of their salary, fringe benefits, and sign-on bonuses, which makes them reluctant to ask them for help in getting a new job. Contrary to popular belief, recruiters can’t take a percentage of any candidate’s salary and instead, they only get a flat service rate from the hiring company. A good piece of advice though is if you feel like the recruiter is only doing it to get the ‘commission’, you can stop working with them and look for a new one. There are many agencies out there with physician recruiters whom you can build a relationship with and will make sure that your best interests are always considered in the application.

They can give you insider information

Recruiters, especially those who’ve been looking for candidates in the same field, will be a good source of inside information for a job opportunity. Those who have been in the business for years have most probably built a good relationship with many healthcare facilities, so they already know the application turnaround time and can give you reliable information about the process. They can give you interview tips, as well as details regarding the benefits and salary package on the table.

Looking for a new job can be stressful, and even the idea of undergoing the interview process is exhausting. However, if you’re working with a recruiter and you find a job elsewhere or change your mind about job hunting, be professional enough to update them via phone call or email.

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