Choosing The Best A3 Printer for Office Needs

Nowadays, more and more business need an excellent printer that is capable to print on A3 paper. Thankfully, there are many great and affordable A3 available in the market right now such as Konica Minolta A3 printer. While it means businesses will get more options to choose which A3 printer will suit their needs, they also will have a hard time finding the best among all the options. No matter how cheap or expensive the printer you want to purchase is, make sure you consider these following things so that you can purchase the best printer for your business.

Easy to Use

When it comes to choosing the best A3 printer for office needs, make sure it is easy to use. Many users have reported that the drawback about this kind of printer is switching from A4 to A3 or other types of paper can be very complicated. As a result, the printer often prints in the wrong size of paper. So, before looking at any other qualities, make sure you can easily switch from one size of paper to another.


You also should pay attention to the printing quality. If it is just for a simple home printing, a little smudge here and there can still be tolerated. But since this is office needs we are talking about, you can’t afford any mistake. A3 printing is often used for photographs, promotional posters or presentation material. The quality of the printing will mean a lot for your business. So, before you make your decisions, you must do some research to ensure the quality of the printing. It needs to look professional with vivid and clear color.

Fast Printing

In business, every second is precious. You cannot waste your time only to wait the printer finishes its job. So, it is also very crucial to ensure that the machine can print quickly. Printing on A3 paper certainly will take longer, especially if it is full color printing on a photo paper. This is the more reason why the printer must be able to finish its job fast. Get a printer with at least 40 or 50 ppm to ensure a great workflow. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the warming up time for the printer. A printing machine definitely will need time to warm up, but if it takes longer than 18 seconds, the printer is not suitable for office needs.

Overall Cost

When it comes to choose a great A3 printing machine for business, it is perfectly normal if you need to spend a little bit more money to get a higher end printer. However, it is not the only cost you need to think about. You also have to put the cost of per page into consideration. Besides the cost of the ink and paper, there is also the cost of power that you need to consider.

Printing on A3 paper will definitely cost higher. But this problem can actually be solved if you choose an efficient printer. A printer with the best technology nowadays is able to print in the most efficient method as possible so that the ink will not run out too quickly, but in the same time, it will not affect the printing quality. To make printing becomes even more cost efficient, choose a printer that comes with a capability to reduce wasted power. This kind of printer usually comes with eco-timer. It will go into sleep mode when it is not used and turn back on automatically when a user is approaching the machine.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless function is not a basic necessity. However, if the printer comes with this function, it will do your business a great favor. You can print anything you want from your desk and it will also eliminate the hassles of cables. It means, the printer can be used by everybody in the office. It will be even better if the printer comes with mobile connectivity so you can control everything from your mobile phone.

Additional Features

There are also some other additional features that will be a great help if it is available in office printer. Scan and copy is a must and it will also be great if the printer can be used to send and receive fax. Furthermore, you also want to pay attention to its duplex printing function. It is a must have feature in office printer but what you want to look at is how fast the double sided printing is done. With these additional features, printing in any size of paper will never give you a hard time.

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