How Can I Improve Workplace Safety?

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There are certain industries where workplace related injuries occur more frequently, mostly due to the nature of the job itself. Many of these injuries could be prevented with better workplace safety. If you work in a workplace which is considered a high-risk environment for workplace related injuries, you may be wondering what you can do to help protect yourself and your colleagues.

Fortunately, there are some concrete and not particularly difficult steps you can take in that direction. However, you will still need the support of your employer. However, it is in their best interest that these accidents are minimized as well. If injuries do occur, you are entitled to a workers’ compensation from your employer. If such compensation is denied, you may need to turn to a work compensation attorney like to achieve your rights.

Ask for Training

If you have to work with heavy machinery, you need to be familiar with how it works and what to do if it malfunctions. Employers are obligated to provide some training to every new employee, but if you don’t feel confident about the training you have received, you should voice your concerns and ask your employer for more thorough training.

What’s more, getting training once is probably not enough, especially if you have worked at that workplace for a while. Regular safety trainings can help workers be more confident and feel safer.

Always Wear Protective Gear

If your job requires you to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), you should always wear it. The job requires you to have the PPE for a reason and disregarding it may incur some sanctions from your employer. Even though most states have a no-fault workers’ insurance, meaning that you will still be entitled to workers’ compensation even if you are responsible for the injury, it is infinitely better to prevent an injury if you can than to suffer through a long recovery process and miss work.

On the other hand, your employer is obligated to provide each worker their own set of protective equipment and to keep it up to date. If any part of your PPE is damaged or broken, your employer is supposed to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Have Warning Signs Posted

Even if you don’t believe that warning notices do anything, some other people may be more careful when they see these warning signs. What’s more, some of your colleagues may not be fully familiar with all of the safety requirements, and reading these signs may help them avoid critical mistakes which may lead to injuries.

Have the Machinery Maintained Regularly

A lot of workplace related injuries are the result of machinery malfunction. It is paramount that you do not use any equipment which you consider to be unsafe. You can help keep the equipment safe by following the manufacturer’s instructions and check the machine before and after use.

If you notice anything out of order, stop using it and contact your superior and let them know.

Clean Up After Yourself

Tripping and falling accounts for a large portion of workplace injuries. However, that number could be reduced significantly if people cleaned up after themselves more thoroughly. If you need to use a lot of different tools for a job as well as some materials, make sure that you return those tools to their proper place and that you throw away the excess materials.

It is in everyone’s best interests that workplace injuries do not happen, and it is everybody’s responsibility to contribute to the workplace safety to the best of their abilities. However, if injuries do happen, you are entitled to a compensation, and workers’ compensation lawyers are here to help you with that.

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