10 SEO Essentials to Optimize your Website in 2020

Understanding the ways of optimizing your site for SEO, as well as conversions, is important for the success of your website.  This is going to guarantee that your website works precisely as well as it must.
Safari SEO Services states that if you do follow the right SEO strategies, it is possible to attract an increasing amount of traffic and gain increased chances of converting potential clients. 

Here, we have put together a list of tools that can help you with the optimization of your website.


SpyFu is a vital tool for keyword research, including competitor analysis tools. This allows the SEO services in India to look for efficient keywords while showing the ad campaigns of your competitors and their organic searches.

Google Search Console

This tool is a compilation of services that can be used to know how a search engine is viewing your site. Google Search Console also offers you a broad spectrum of free tools for SEO, covering many different aspects of optimization.


A keyword research tool, SEMrush enables the enterprise SEO services to get information about the number of people searching for particular terms. It also offers you data about similar keywords, product listings, related ads, and much more. Apart from being a great keyword tool, this also offers data on the strategies of your competitors.


BuzzStream provides you with an array of tools for helping with domain research, project management, and email marketing. This is an all-in-one platform, so just the number of alternatives it offers can often be intimidating. 

Keyword Tool

Keyword research can undoubtedly be considered the most important task that each website owner must perform. Nonetheless, researching keywords happens to be a too lengthy process if you don’t have access to adequate tools. Keyword Tool has been dubbed as a free alternative for Google Keyword Planner. It offers a lot of relevant suggestions of keywords for each kind of research.

Schema Creator

Going by the definition, a schema is a model that describes the information structure. It’s a term from the database field to describe the data structure in relational tables. In the context of XML, a schema describes a model for a whole class of documents.

This provides users an improved experience because they are given very detailed facts about a specific business or organization on the SERPs. With the help of this tool, it is possible to customize the way your company looks in SERPs, such as the reviews, events, operating hours etc. 

XML Sitemaps Generator 

According to Google, a sitemap refers to a file where you give details about the videos, pages and other files on your website along with the relationship between them. Google, Bing and other search engines read this file so as to crawl through your site intelligently. It notifies the crawler which files important in your site and also gives valuable information about these files. Possessing a sitemap is a great way to create a well-indexed website. Such a tool enables you to build a sitemap for a site with XML as well as HTML variants.


Ahrefs stands as one of the top SEO tools for technical SEO as well as backlink analysis. Use this tool for URL rankings, backlink audits, competitive analysis, keyword research, and a lot more. It also provides organic search reports for you to analyze your competitors’ traffic.


Videos enable you to build brand awareness as well as improve recall. It makes it much easier to develop a loyal fan base, boost brand affinity, and partner with influencers. vidIQ is a software for video SEO, including tools meant for researching video keywords, analytics and even video optimization. This tool offers a boost feature, which can “boost” your video for getting keyword suggestions for the title, description, and tags of your video.


This is an SEO tool that allows you to enter a keyword and then gives you the other queries people search for regarding that keyword. Next, it gives you a graphical representation of the way every level of question is grouped topically with the others. AlsoAsked obtains these queries from the People Also Ask (PAA) box of Google. You may utilize this data for finding questions worth answering in the content.

SEO is only a part of the big picture when it is about running your website. Still, it’s something you need to pay particular attention to if your website needs to get its deserving traffic. In the end, search engines can’t measure the effort put into the blog posts or content if they don’t get optimized.

Out of the number of tools you can use for improving the search engine rankings, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Moz Pro top the list. While one packs several free SEO tools to use for discovering the way search engines are viewing your website, the latter two allow you to perform professional keyword research.

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