5 things to avoid while going for a boat ride

5 things to avoid while going for a boat ride

Boating is a joy for many and that is why we see so many boats on open water. Going for a boat ride can turn problematic if you don’t follow certain rules. There are strict rules to be followed by the master of the vessel as well as the passengers that go on it. Let’s say the rules are stricter for the master as it is he who steers it. Here are 5 things that one must avoid while on a boat.

Bow ride

It is understood that you are probably going on the boat for recreation. But even then, there are safety rules you need to follow. One of these is to not take a bow ride. Bow ride means sitting on the boat in such a way that one or more of your limbs are hanging outside the boat. Or extending any part of your body outside the perimeter of the boat. This is illegal in many areas as it can cause accidents and there is always the risk of falling overboard.


Please don’t drink and get on a boat. Alcohol significantly dulls the senses and reduces reaction time. This is the makings for an accident if you aren’t careful. Boaters often won’t drink if they are driving a car, but this attitude is more lax or casual when it comes to a boat. While going on a boot many would consider having a drink or two. Alcohol can impair the boater’s senses and the natural environment can dull it further.  The boater’s judgment and reaction can be impacted. A lot of countries have strict rules with regard t drinking and boating, especially if you are the captain or master. One can even have small but dangerous accidents like slipping on boat ladders after drinking. So, don’t drink before going on a boat.

Breaking rules

Don’t break the safety rules while you are on the boat. They are there for a reason so they should be followed religiously. Wear life jackets while on the boat and keep floatation devices. Some of the boaters may know swimming, but when an accident happens, people often get disoriented and may not be able to act on time. Also, life jackets have to be tested at least once in a year for their buoyancy. There are other multiple rules in relation to boating and at least the master of the boat must be aware of it.

Ignoring weather

Do not under any circumstances ignore the weather. Always check the local weather and the forecast of your route on water. Weather can change rapidly and it will leave you very little time to do anything significant, so having some idea about it beforehand can help you prepare. Bring a radio, you can get one in the Amarine store and watch out for inclement weather. If you see choppy waters, dark skies and lightening, it means bad weather, so better get off the water.


I know that if you are on a speedboat, you will want to get on the highest speed. But many waterways have speed limits and its best you stick to that. It could be because there are swimmers or kayaks in the area and these may be difficult to spot. Also, if you aren’t on a speedboat and still are speeding for a long time, be careful as your engine may not be built for it.

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