Top Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Look Brand New

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Car maintenance is crucial in extending the service life of your vehicle. Car owners should strictly follow their car’s maintenance schedule to the letter; avoiding delays. This ensures the car maintains top speed and is operating at maximum performance.

Below are preventive measures you can adopt to ensure your car serves you well.

  • Check your air filters

Air filters should be replaced annually or after a car has gone over 12,000 miles. Failure to do this could result in AC problems and the risk of breathing contaminated air in the car.

This is one simple maintenance tip that you can do by yourself. If you are not interested in a DIY approach, you could have your mechanic take a look.

  • Clean your windshield

A dirty windshield causes visual problems for a driver. Without regular cleanings, dirty windshields can cause grisly road accidents. It is crucial for the driver to have a clear vision of where they are headed. Also, dirt buildup could cause windshields to deteriorate.

In the case of windshield breakage, consult auto glass replacement experts. They will repair the windshield, having it looking as new as when your first purchased the car.

In addition, do not forget to attend to the wipers. Always remember to check for functionality.

  • Check your braking system

Failed brakes can put you, passengers and other motorists in a life-threatening situation. Avoid such scenarios by testing and replacing your brakes regularly.

  • Check tire pressure and fluids

These are preventive measures that should be practiced regularly; preferably on a daily basis. They are major components of the car that directly affect the vehicle’s functionality.

Before getting into the car ready for a drive, open the engine and remove the dipstick. Clean it thoroughly then put it back. Pull it out again. You will see oil stuck to the dipstick again. That is an indication of the oil levels. Just make sure they are not too low as this may damage the engine.

For your tires, have a gauge that will measure their correct pressure. Do this on a regular basis to slow down tear and wear effects.

  • Check your battery

Avoid embarrassing moments by the roadside when batteries have run out by regularly checking them. Do not ignore the low battery warning and always check for dirt build up and leakages.

Invest in a battery cleaning brush.

  • Change your spark plugs

Regularly checking or changing spark plugs is crucial because it may prevent some common engine problems. Spark plugs wear out easily so change them after driving for 30,000 miles.

  • Tire balancing and rotation

The role of tires in a car cannot be ignored. Tires that are not aligned can cause a driver to lose control resulting in unprecedented accidents.

Another trick that increases the service life of tires is rotating them. Car tires wear out differently. Rotating them ensures they wear out uniformly.

Proper car maintenance does not only involve the above measures. Some other precautions you can take to ensure your car gives you good service include:

  • Inspecting serpentine belts
  • Checking the cooling system
  • Exterior engine cleaning

In addition, do not forget to cover your car, carry your toolbox and drive carefully. Practice the above and you will get good service from your car until you feel the need to replace it. Safe driving!

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