5 amazing apps for the sports lover

If you are a sports person or a sports fanatic, it’s the same. Fans are equally involved and attached to the game as the players. Sports fans are like true devotees who would never give up on their team.

The sheer happiness of wins and heartbreak of losses is quite same on-field and off-field. There was a time when fans use to travel to different cities and even different countries to cheer for their team. It would cost them a lot, still there fanatics was more potent than anything else.

But, thankfully as people got busy with increasingly busy life, technology found a solution to keep the fans connected to their first love.

Several Smartphone applications allow sports lovers stay connected to all the sports updates; join online fan community, watch all sports videos old or new, watch streaming sports videos and know all about the life of their favorite sports person. Or you can keep track of scores and bets with FootyAccumulators AccaTracker, it’s one of the best mobile betting apps on the market.

Top 5 sports mobile application

So, here is a list of five of such famous and top-rated sports mobile apps that can inevitably become your best buddies.

1 theScore: one of the top mobile application that is versatile, functional, live scores, streaming videos and full of a lot of entertainment. This app is a must-have for any sports lover. One great feature of this app is that you can set your feed here. Like you can set the feed for your favorite sports and turn your app into a personalized sports application. With this app, you can get any information about your favorite teamed player or match.

2 ESPN: who is not aware of this sports channel. Now with its new sports app, you can catch all the excitement and fun of your favorite sports live. This app too provides you the benefit of personalizing the application with your feeds. So you don’t get unnecessary and not exciting sports news or updates any longer.

3. cricbuzz: well, this app is solely dedicated to cricket sports fans from across the globe. You can catch with the latest news feeds, live match updates and scores, get all information and history of your favorite cricketer and what more watch live matches.

4 CBS Sports: Get latest scores, news, tweets, and stat of any of your sports and stay up to date with your game and team or player with the new CBS sports app. The app is very well designed to sort your favorite sport, or team or player. The app also covers some games, events, and shows from TV or Radio.

5 Bleacher Report Team Stream: this app is by far the best sports application you can get or sports streaming online. The app covers practically every sport from golf to soccer. Get stories, scores, photos, videos, news, tweets from every expert, news channel, radio, internet and sports persons themselves. Well, this app is now becoming the new hot thing, and fans are switching to this app for all their sports needs.

So, now you have a list of these five cool sports app to check and find out which one works best for you. Good luck!

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