5 mobile applications that you must have

Smartphone have almost replaced the computer systems and are now way ahead in providing utilities that have eased human life to a great extent. From shopping to dining, utility services to GPRS navigation everything is now at your fingertips.

You can do almost anything sitting at one place. Book your tickets, make payments, stay connected with your family and friends and what more play your favorite games with people across the world.

So here I will tell you about top 5 mobile apps that are must for you. These are easy to use, simple and convenient and moreover, they make your life simple.

1 Navigation/GPRS Maps: Some phone gets this app pre-loaded while other have to download it from Google Play. This app is a lifesaver. You can know your routes, nearby places, search any store or even search for areas in and around the different part of the world. One of the most significant help comes from Google maps, compatible for both Android and iOS phones.

2 Car Rentals: Hiring a cab through the mobile application is a big hit. Now you can easily find a taxi near you and go to your desired destination. Companies like Uber are a big help for traveling in and around the city while airport limo toronto is a great help when moving to or from the airport. These apps are also helpful when you go to different cities or countries and provide you ease of transport.

3 Streaming videos: Yes, these are another good use of mobile phone. Now you will never miss on your favorite series even when traveling. Applications like Netflix or streaming movies or YouTube are a good example. Enjoy all the action of on-screen film on your small screen.

4 Fitness application: These are the new heartthrob of smartphones. Health is wealth, so if you have a smartphone, you can transform it into a fitness tracker using these apps. They help you monitor your daily routine as steps walked, calories burned, heart rate and blood pressure. One good app to track your fitness is sporty. You can get them from Play store or Google Play. Some are free while for some you need to pay.

5 Security apps: Since smartphones are now used for money transfers, transactions and keeping e-wallets, it is essential to have a good security system for your phone. These phone security apps provide you a great relief. Some of these offer fingerprint lock system to apps. A great anti-virus is also essential. Remember never stick to the same security system, always keep upgrading to latest versions, that’s one way to safeguard your phone.

Apart from these useful mobile applications, there are several other apps that you can download according to your requirements. Like there are online shopping apps, gaming apps, education and learning apps, music apps, and likes.

Although I am a fan of the high use of Smartphone the utility apps are one that is my personal favorite. These apps help you sort out your day to day need, like finding an electrician or a plumber, salon at home or ordering groceries.

Food delivery at home is also some useful applications. You can now quickly order your favorite food from any restaurant near you and enjoy the meal at home.

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