Most Popularly used VPNs in the United States of America

Today the fourth important thing, after food, clothing and shelter is the internet. It is hard to find a home in the USA that does not have internet connectivity. Thanks, to the smart-phone today, we carry the internet in our pockets and use them anytime we need it. From shopping to banking, entertainment, and even education, the internet is the one-stop destination for all. This unbelievable expansion of the World Wide Web has brought the world closer, turning it into a small digital village.

While the internet has become a life-savior for billions, there is a new group of cyber-criminals that have become active like never before. They are always in search of a loophole, through which they can enter your systems and highjack your critical information. You would be surprised to know that the amount of loss that has occurred due to cybercrimes in 2019 was more than $2 trillion. With such vulnerability, how can you protect your online journey, and save your data and your systems from these malicious attacks? Well, the answer to this problem is VPN or Virtual Private Network.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a super-secure subway set between your device and the internet connectivity. The role of a VPN is to protect your online activity and hide it from being watched by cybersecurity agencies, advertisers and most importantly cybercriminals.

Are VPN’s free of Cost?

Just knowing about VPN’s is not enough, it is important to the different types of VPNs available and choose the one that fits your requirement. For instance, there are a lot of free VPN connections available, but we would never recommend you to use them since they do not guarantee 100% encryption to your online activity. Moreover, it might be used by advertisers to bombard you with ads and thus disrupt your online experience. Therefore, choose the most popularly used VPNs and secure your online life completely.

Let’s see list of VPNs for the US here.

Express VPN

If you work on multiple devices and want each of them to be secured, then Express VPN is the best choice for you. It works flawlessly across all your devices—you can connect up to five devices simultaneously, using the Express VPN service. Additionally, Express VPN’s provide upgraded security, which makes it impossible for even security agencies to crack. It uses the best encryptions and the Open VPN protocol to secure your online activities. Therefore if you are an individual working from home or a small organization, Express VPN is the best option for you.

Nord VPN

Another VPN service provider that is quite popular in the USA is Nord VPN. It comes with a huge bucket of attractive features like double encryption of data, ad-free browsing experience, access VPN on 6 devices simultaneously and browses content without any geo-restrictions. For companies that have a large number of employees and require remote working, must go for Nord VPN service.

Ultra VPN

This is the premium version of a VPN that allows you to browse the internet in the safest environment that too without any restrictions. Ultra VPN promises zero snoozing, zero buffering and zero restrictions. Moreover, their encryptions are untraceable for anybody, thus assuring you of total online safety. In case, you need any service, they are available 24*7.

Final Word:

Protecting one’s information from hackers is a huge task, but with the appropriate VPN connection, this mammoth task can be simplified and your online browsing experience can be made smooth, secure and unobstructed.

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