The Regular Maintenance Schedule for Your Office Furniture

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At times, your office might seem like everything is falling out of place. Believe us, it’s just the game of regular maintenance. Even if you’re going through a recession, everything can be managed with a proper maintenance schedule. Yes, your regular routine can make a massive difference. It’s just about keeping it constant.

That is what we bring here for you. Your office furniture is a crucial component of your workspace. Your performance and outcome depend on your daily productivity, which, in turn, depends on the comfort level in the office. And eventually, your comfort level depends on the quality of the furniture.

The importance of office furniture maintenance

As your office furniture undergoes regular wear and tear, there should be a procedure if they are those minor issues. Even if your sturdy furniture withholds everything you throw at it, it deserves some care. Regular dirt and debris, extra weight, minor and major shocks, acts of the external forces, etc. add up to the damage that you might not even notice. It results in interference in the actual comfort that it should provide.

How often should you do it?

Regular is a very vague word. It can mean daily, weekly, monthly, or even early. But here, we suggest giving your office furniture a maintenance routine every three months. It might not sound like too much but can do wonders for the sustainability of its function. However, we are just talking about the usual maintenance routine. If you notice anything weird, take steps on a more frequent basis. For example, cleaning should be done every week. It’s because your office chair will always accumulate dirt and debris.

How to implement the maintenance schedule?

This is the primary question we are going to address here. The maintenance schedule of your chair requires your care. It’s not about the general points to follow but the specificity of your requirements. Not every workspace is the same. Still, some general principles can help you get over many issues.

If we talk about chairs and desks in Brisbane, not everyone works in a dedicated office space. Many people have their home office setup for better convenience. However, not everyone finds it the best bet. It’s just because of their extra effort in repairing and replacing the furniture. The following points will help you escape the pain points in maintaining the furniture. So, take a look and understand in detail.

  • Taking care of the cleanliness

A significant part of maintenance is cleanliness. If you let dirt and debris accumulate on your office furniture, the furniture will deteriorate eventually. However, if you regularly clean the plastic, mesh, leather, fabric, vinyl, wood, etc., you save big time. It’s not just about money but also about the time and effort. Let’s go through the methods to clean the specific components of the office furniture.

  1. For the upholstery, whether it is vinyl or leather, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth. If you do it regularly, a dry fabric will also work. Still, on occasions, make use of moisture to wipe down the stubborn stains.
  2. The same goes for plastic. However, plastic is also prone to breakage. So, use your chair keeping that in mind.
  3. When it comes to wood, again, a slight wipe of wet cloth will work. However, here, your vacuum cleaner will also come into play. Since, table wood is a flat surface, it is an invitation for dirt to settle down. Don’t let that happen. You can eliminate the dirt and debris by cleaning the table almost daily.
  4. The unreachable points are also prone to accumulation. Also, your basic vacuum cleaner can do the trick. Make sure it is of the right size and dedicated for reaching out to smaller spaces.
  5. As most office chairs have wheels, do not let the dirt settle down there. Make sure to keep the chair rolling. These wheels are most prone to encountering dust and hair. The mess can easily get caught in the casters too.
  • Tightening the screws and bolts

This is a significant step you might be missing to date. Your office chair is made up of screws and bolts. It holds the armrest, backrest, and the seating. Other than cleanliness, you need to take care of the screws and bolts. We don’t recommend you tightening them regularly. However, the chair expects you to do it once a month.

We’re tightening the screws, remember not to be too harsh with them. It’s because there’s a risk of striping them. If that happens, you might have to replace the screw entirely. Go through the assembly instructions to pick up a few screws from a hardware store in case you lose them.

Maintaining Antique Furniture

The points mentioned above are universal. However, there’s always a need to notice your specific requirements. So, if you have antique office fit-outs in Brisbane, always use a polish of the appropriate color. Wiping the dirt can rip the shine off your furniture. In no case, it should be an excuse for not cleaning the furniture. It just adds another task to your daily maintenance routine.

Polishing is not a challenging task. Just take the right amount on the same cloth and wipe it down after doing the daily routine.

The Bottom Line

With these simple steps, you can make your office look good. It’s going to the motivation of all the people putting their effort in that monotonous workspace. So, it’s worth giving it your thought. 

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