Aver CAN540 and Aver VC520 Pro, the Best Investment for Your Video Conferencing Systems Needs

Remote work has become a necessity these days. The pandemic doesn’t allow modern companies to hold the normal working system. Therefore, remote work using Video Conferencing Systems becomes the normal system in every company. Many companies have invested a lot in this technology. However, if we are talking about the best tool for video conferencing, there are only two of them. They are Aver CAM540 and Aver VC520. Here, we are going to explain about the best thing you can get from these two tools.

What You Can Get from Aver CAM540 

Aver CAM540 focuses on the quality of the image/video it broadcasts. Here are some of the features that support this video-quality purpose:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video

This tool has a 4K Ultra HD feature. It allows you to broadcast the highest possible format of graphics in video conferencing. Thanks to the Sony 4K CMOS, you can get this kind of quality. Furthermore, the video also has 30 fps. You don’t need to worry anymore about the stuttered video or buffering. As long as you have proper internet speed, you will get the best video conferencing experience.

  • 16x Total Zoom

This tool also has a 16x total zoom. This feature gives you the best clarity on the video in the video conference. The 4K video quality and this total zoom feature are two things you need to get the best experience in video conferencing. It also improves your working productivity. Therefore, it becomes one of the best tools for remote work or video conferences.

Other than the video quality, the developer of this tool also uses the user-friendly design and setting. You can see that from how easy its installation process is. Here are some features that boost its easy-to-use benefit.

  • Plug-and-Play Setting

You don’t need to deal with complicated settings or installation. Just use the USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C cable and port to connect it to your device. And, you get yourself a working video conferencing tool. Furthermore, Aver Cam540 is also compatible with many video conferencing applications. So, if you already used one, a big chance that it also is compatible with this tool.

  • Aver SmartFrame

This is another great feature you can find in CAM540. This feature allows you to capture all participants in the meeting easily. The SmartFrame feature uses auto-framing technology to do that. So, you don’t need to press a button or adjust several settings. With just one click, you can make a proper video framing for all people in the room.

What You Can Get from Aver VC520

The next video conferencing tool you also need to consider is Aver VC520 Pro. This product is a perfect choice for you who are looking for a video conferencing system for the mid-to-large room. Similar to CAM540, this product also boasts its ability in providing a high-quality image.

  • 1080p HD Quality

You can broadcast a video in 1080p resolution for the best video conference experience. This feature is supported by Sony True WDR technology, which allows it to take a wide shot and high-definition image. Then, with its 12X optical zoom, it can easily capture the highest detail on the video conferencing room or remote work location. 

  • Excellent Audio Feature

The full-duplex microphone array allows you to capture the sound perfectly. With the echo cancellation feature in it, the sound you will get is very clear. Then, it also has a noise suppression feature. You don’t need to worry anymore about the noise that can obstruct the communication during the video conference. It means you also can reduce the risk of problems caused by miscommunication.

The speaker can reach 15 ft range around it. Furthermore, you also can use the expansion speakerphones to get an even wider range. With the additional speakerphone, it can even reach more than 40 meters of the range around the speaker.

  • SmartFrame Feature

SmartFrame is one of the best features of VC520. It has so many functions to assist your video conferencing needs. For example, it has face detection technology. This technology increases the speed to capture the participant’s image on the video. 

ConclusionAs you can see, those two products are the best you can find on the market today. It has all the features that you need for the best video conference you can get. So, you don’t need to wait or hesitate anymore. If you are looking for the best video conferencing system and tool, use Aver VC520 Pro and Aver CAM540. Guaranteed, you will get nothing but the best from them.   

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