4 Unique Gifts To Awestruck your Lady Love On First Anniversary

The first anniversary is a grand milestone in a married couple’s life. Men plan big things for this special day like a surprise party or a romantic candlelight dinner at her favorite restaurant, but the center of attraction is your anniversary gift—an expression of your love and appreciation.

Finding the right gift for your partner could be tricky, especially if the occasion is as special as your first anniversary. 

So, done with searching the Internet and gift galleries in your area, but unable to find something that can wow her in a fraction of seconds—other than chocolates or a designer dress. 

Hey, don’t you worry, as today we’ve decided to help you out by listing down four unique anniversary gift ideas that will make your evening memorable for life:

#1. Jewelry Bails

Every woman likes jewelry. Whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary, celebrate your love with unique Jewelry bails — symbolize the timelessness of your true love. 

This anniversary gift is a great way to remind your partner how special they are in your life. This exquisite piece of jewelry illustrates your undying love and commitment for her, and not to mention, looks gorgeous on her. 

You can make the gift even more special by engraving her initials on it. 

#2. Paper Flowers

Well, this may not be a pricey gift for your soulmate, but she will be impressed if you tell her that you’ve made these paper flowers – it’s priceless. 

It’s easy-peasy to pick anything expensive off the shelf at a gift mall or order online, but not these paper flowers which require a bit of creativity and genuine efforts. 

However, making paper flowers isn’t a stroll in the park, you’ll have to learn the art by checking out many videos on YouTube and go through how-to-do guides, and in a nutshell, spending several hours just for her. 

#3. A Personalized Memory Book

While you have been married for just 365 days, I’m sure you have a lifetime of memories. From the day you bumped into her, first date, those awkward moments to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, each moment is meaningful as the next.

To appreciate all these milestones in your relationship, translate them into a photo-illustrated memory book and surprise the love of your life. You can personalize it by adding a special sign or symbol, something you find interesting about her. 

After that, just wait to see her face lit up with the images reminding her of the fondest memories of your first year of marriage. 

#4 Time Capsule

This is a delightful gift that is perfect for anniversaries. It is a distinctive and creative way of expressing your feelings. 

Creating a time capsule is like a fun activity for happy couples to savor all your memories for years to come. Giving a time capsule shows your commitment that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. 

Fill the time capsule with romantic keepsakes of the happy times you both shared in the last one decade, then bury it in your backyard.  

Next, imagine you and your lady love—old & grey—digging the time capsule and reliving the memory. What could be more romantic than this, isn’t it? 

In the end

Whatever you choose, the real value of your gift lies in its true sentiments. An anniversary gift need not be extravagant or expensive, instead, find ways that make the present memorable for her. 

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