Samsung Latest Home Movie Theater, Boasting MicroLED Technology

Samsung has done it again! This year’s CES event may be full of incredible gadgets. But one particular display that steals the show undoubtedly comes from the Samsung booth. The corner quickly gains traction as people stop to admire the soon-to-be-released item. Comes in the form of a gigantic and vibrant display, The Wall is mindblowing to say the least.

Size does matter

To many it may seem like The Wall is nothing but an oversized LED TV. However, there is so much more to it than its appearance and size. Once you come closer and examine this gigantic television, you may quickly point out it’s more than meets the eyes. With its state-of-the-art modular display technology, The Wall by Samsung boasts latest technology referred to as MicroLED.

It’s perhaps quite ironic to use the word micro as there is nothing small from The Wall. However, when it comes to the moniker, Samsung clearly picks one of the most appropriate name for its new invention. Based on the Samsung’s incredible Cinema Screen technology, the manufacturer clearly aims to bring movie theater experience to home.

Measured diagonally at a whopping 146 inches, The Wall may seem gigantic. However, this impressive home movie theater is actually incredibly flexible. Yes, one of the unbeatable strengths of The Wall is the fact that it does not have screen size limitation whatsoever. As the manufacturer states at the event, their latest invention allows users to either remove or add modules.

With this ability to either remove or add modules to your own television, you may have that perfect television. One that fits their space and their personal taste. But what makes it more impressive is the none other than the fact that it does not affect its performance. Regardless of your preferred configuration, the performance of your display won’t suffer, nor will it negatively impacted as result.

New technology

While Samsung’s The Wall shares similar resemblance with LED-based LCD television models, the similarity stops there. With LED TVs, televisions are typically equipped with LED backlight which then be covered with crystal layer. The Wall is not built that way. Its MicroLED technology is a nod to the millions individual tini-sized LEDs in order to create its impressive image.

Boasting movie theater technology, The Wall is scaled down and made perfectly fitting with the standard height of your ceiling. Its 146-inch size is guaranteed to fit like a glove as if it’s specifically designed for your home. The MicroLED technology in The Wall may individually turn on and off. This is the primary reason The Wall can deliver such vibrant and crystal clear color reproduction.

Similar to OLED TVs, Samsung specifically designed the MicroLED technology with the aim to bring out the infinite contrast. The Wall boasts the capabilities of delivering more than 2000 nits of brightness. This amount is certainly higher than any LED TVs you can find on the market. Not only that, it’s also equipped with resolution and color combination capable of easily achieving DVI-P3 color. The Wall is set to launch this year although no further information is available at the moment.

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