How to choose a 4k camera? Here is a little help for you

The professional 4k camera is different from a normal camera since it is designed for capturing high-quality pictures and videos. Anyone can use a consumer camera but using a professional one is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is best for those who want to make a difference in his income or want to produce good quality images and need a professional camcorder. Only a pro knows well how to make the best use of this equipment and produce videos of uncompromising quality.

The professional camcorder has everything bigger right from the video sensors to the lenses. It has all necessary features such as wireless microphones, interchangeable lenses, etc. that are required to capture good quality videos. However, these cameras are very costly thus not anyone can buy it. What makes it expensive? The features and technologies of 4k camera put it on the pricey side. You can get a pro camera in the price ranging from $2,500-$5,500 depending on the specification and your requirements. Cameras which fall in this price range comprises 1/3 –inch CMOS sensor, 64 GB internal flash memory, detachable handle, and image stabilization.

While choosing it, one should consider various factors among which price are one of the determining factors. However, most of the consumer focuses on price ignoring multiple other factors that bring a huge difference in their desired results. Therefore, one must be very careful while picking a pro camera.

Consider given factors before buying the 4k camera:

Skill level

Anyone can call himself as a pro, but maybe their skills are not as per the requirement of the industry. However, nobody is prohibited from owning a pro camcorder so as long as you are using it for own satisfaction, no problem. But if you are serious and are in this profession then you should consider your skill levels. These cameras are made for specific use, and thus only a person who has excellent photographic skills knows how to make the best use of them. If you have intermediate skills, then buy a low budget camera and boost your skills. For example- FDR-AX100 is the right one that enables user to capture 4k videos in full HD. It is also equipped with optimized web MP4, image stabilization, WI-FI, NFC support and other recording options.

Once you learn more new and advanced skills move to the 4k camera that gives you the video of 4k resolution up to 60 fps. Choosing a device that matches your skills will then be no longer a problem.


Whether you are in the industry for years or a newbie, technology will keep on changing, and every time you will get equipment that is better than previous ones. One has to adopt the changes and learn new features and functions to survive in the industry. Thus, even a professional may have to learn new skills before the use of camcorders. Hence before buying you should understand the functions and features of the professional cameras. Some features may require additional settings for capturing photos and videos. In short, a camera must be easy to use so that you don’t waste time in adjusting the settings.

If you don’t understand the settings and functionality, then return it to the manufacturer as soon as possible. It will be a waste of time, so check everything beforehand to save your valuable time and of course money.

Video quality

The professional 4k camera is bigger and better than standard consumer camera because of its larger features such as lenses, sensors, etc.  The enhanced features offer better performance for example; bigger lenses offer better light gathering and low light performance. Such features are significant for recording full-length movies and documentaries. However, one feature is highly useful than other features of a camcorder and that is image quality. A professional user knows that videos of high image quality are the need of the profession and therefore before reaching to any conclusion ensures that camera provides high-level video quality.


You will not get cheap camcorders as all of them are expensive so one must wisely choose. The camera you want must be compatible with other tools which means your focus should not only on the quality of video and resolution but also on compatibility. For example- an additional microphone may be required to give better audio pick-up even if the camera has the in-built microphone. But if your device is not compatible then you will not get the desired results and thus have to compromise with the in-built features.

In the profession you have to use additional tools for playing, editing and many other works thus compatibility is essential so that you can connect it with other hardware to enable easy and quick access. The video file size will be large most of the time thus you need a 4k video converter, a computer or laptop with SSD and 8-core CPU to convert the file in desired file formats so that it can be displayed on various other devices.


As said above that price is one of the factors but not the only one that can influence your decision hence you must consider your budget as well. The price of a 4k camera of your choice will heavily depend on its capability and feature. One may have to comprise with few features if their budget is low for example a camera that costs approx $1,500 will have fewer features than with one having more price. Thus, you should carefully decide which product is capable of producing desired results and fit within your budget at the same time.

However, some people are capable of buying expensive cameras; but still there are chances that they end up buying not so useful product because varieties are there. So, the best thing to do is to ask which camera suits you rather than asking what your budget is. In this way, first, you will check the necessary features in the equipment that produce desired results and then decide which one is your final choice. If you find one that perfectly fits your need and is less expensive as well then don’t look for another 4k camera, just buy it!

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