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This week, Google revealed its newest technology namely Smart Reply for Gmail on Android and iOS. This apps is sophisticated that allows the user to respond to the email automatically. Suppose you don’t have time to respond to your email, the tool will help you to do that.

It uses sophisticated intelligent tool and neural networks to result in strong suggestions about the response you will choose. Smart Reply will suggest up to 3 possible alternatives that you can pick to respond any incoming email.

The system records the users’ behavior in term of responses to use it for the suggestions. It has about 20,000 templates of Smart Replies that will continue to grow as the apps will be improved from time to time. Emma Ogiemwanye, as an official spokesperson of Google stated that it was quite tough to do anything at all communications-related when the users were travelling. If people could not find the solution to do this, it certainly was to get a handle on the inbox.

Smart Reply will be available in English language. You can download it in official Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

So, how does it work? Simple. Smart Reply system is based on a pair of neural networks. The system works from encoding the incoming messages then process them, and utter the possible responses. The accuracy of the predictions have not been tested by the outsiders yet but we can embrace the possible activities that we can do when using this app.

This tool is very smart. It will receive the contextual meaning of the mail message message. For example it can recognize “Have you eaten” and “Are you hungry” as the same spectrum of utterance. Then there is the feature in which it will reply with one word at a time.

Gmail uses the short-term and long-term memory network architecture to support the neural networks. With such development, it is possible that the incoming mail can be processed faster and predicting the response faster too.

When we talk about semantic intents, Google genius developers have been mapping the thousands possible language responses to them. The result is that the Google Smart Reply will recognize the semantic two or more incomes and have more than one alternative response. The system will automatically suggest the various responses in both phrasing and the semantic meaning.

But as just expected from the commoners that the mistakes will happen at early trials of this program. It is predicted that the failures will involve the misinterpretation of the memes and false in smart replying. But people will be cool and understanding. For anything, they will understand and learn thing or two about the apps.

This ideal assistance app would be able to answer your phone, receive the message, then mail the message for you. It will also be able to categorize the urgency of your emails into separate classes such as urgent, routine and garbage.

Perhaps the same questions revolving amongst the users are related to their privacy. You don’t have to worry about that. There is no human reads the incoming emails except the apps and yourself. The researchers and developers have worked so hard to improve the machine.

So, what do you think? Will you install it to your smartphone?

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