Four Jobs with Highest Amount of Salary

Do you have a job with highest salary? If you do, that would make some people so jealous. In these days, getting a job is really important. We need it to live ourself as well as family. Each job is usually paid with different number of salary. Some of them are quite average, but some others can make you not worrying about life for years. Here are four jobs which allow you to get paid with a big bunch of money.


Are you willing to be paid with much money? Then, you may consider to work as a surgeon. Some doctors are usually quite wealthy. Of course, different type of doctor means different salary amount. Among of all kinds, surgeon can be said to get the highest payment. The highest count they can achieve from this job is about USD 180,000. However, just because we have become a surgeon, it does not mean that we can get that money instantly. We must work and gain many experiences for years. Moreover, our reputation must be goof as well.


Some of us might think that a lawyer is a person who only deals with crime. This job is actually more than that. There many other things that attorney can do. Those are defending a person or a company in a court, giving formal or informal advice, dealing with divorce case, and many others related with law. In some cases, a lawyer can be paid per hour, which could be very expensive depending on its experiences. The highest salary that we can get for this job is about USD 130,000.

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers or simply known as CEO is a top leader of a company. Their task is usually to make sure that their company keeps developing to become bigger. They also have to be responsible in informing the performance of their company to all stakeholders. Without a doubt, this is a job with highest salary that most people around the world desire to be. Unfortunately, not all people can get this title just like that. It requires some long steps to walk onto. As a CEO, someone can get paid for about USD 140,000.


When we ask some kids what they want to be in the future, they might give pilot as the answer. Well then, they must make it comes true. It is because a pilot is another job with highest salary in the world. It is particularly a pilot for a certain airline. This job can even go through USD 135,000. This is not surprising since they are responsible to fly a plane full of people inside safely.

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