5 Android Apps for College Students: Enjoy the Campus Life

Android apps for college students

While in the college, you may be faced with distressing classes, full-day meeting, and a pile of assignments that are waiting for your hands. You certainly have at least one smart phone, right? Some popular android apps for college students may help you relax while on campus. Just utilize your smart phone smartly, and you will get fun time.

Top Android Apps for College Students

The following are top android apps for college students as suggested by Engadget. They come with new and improved features and help you in both learning and mind relaxation.


This android app is a perfect companion after you have a boring lecture class. Give your brain a test using this challenging puzzle game. Despite a puzzle, it will not provide your brain with extra burdens, as the game is nice to play, even within few-minute break time. The good news that the game can be played sequentially for a longer period of time.

Smart Music Player

If you like listening to music, this is a great companion and tool for socializing, chilling out, as well as helping you during a lengthy lecture session. The app features rotating MP3s and allows you to search favorite music online. However, when the internet connection is in trouble, you can access the offline playlists.

Mobile Number Tracker

This simple android app comes with a number of convenient features for college students. For socializing purpose, the app help you to search phone numbers without using internet connection. The apps displays the area of the caller, thus allowing you to identify whether it is a friend of yours on campus or someone else. If you were frequently annoyed by telemarketing calls, this android app helps you identify and reject them fast.


As one of top-rated android apps for college students, AnkiDroid allows you to learn flashcards efficiently, thus helping in memorization. The app enables you to study anywhere and anytime. You can use idle times efficiently and positively, for instance, while you are on the bus trips to campus, while queuing at the supermarket, or even while waiting for your foods at the campus cafe. You can also use the app to add material from a dictionary and see it anytime necessary.

Personal Trainer: Home Workout

Being fit and healthy is important for a college student. You need to stay fit to do the midterm, daily assignment, writing tasks, and many others. This app is a personal trainer for you. Even though you may need to pay some for it, the benefits really pay the price. This is one of the most recommended training android apps for college students.

The app provides you with workout videos, thus allowing you to practice at home without any equipment. You can customize the workout plans based on your body type and weight.

Of course, there are so many options of android apps for college students. Those five alternatives are among the top-rated one. However, you can find other apps that may suit your personal needs, depending upon the way you spend the leisure, the break time, or the boring lecture sessions. They are not intended to teach you on how to cheat the lecturer; instead, they are intended to give you fun times while on campus.


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