Smart 4K Camera to Accompany Your Smart iPhone

One of the best things about iPhone is that they are so portable and versatile that you can use them to capture pictures and videos whenever and wherever you want. Every iPhone model indeed comes with high-quality camera; however, even the best iPhone’s camera is still inferior if compared to a real 4K camera. This is where you need to pair your iPhone with a smart 4K camera. When it comes to choosing the right camera to accompany your iPhone, Livestream’s tiny Movi camera should be your best choice. Being a 4K camera that is enhanced with smart features, this camera will make your picture and video capturing sessions using your iPhone the most engaging ones. Here you will read some great features that this tiny yet powerful camera can offer.

Sleek Design that Blends Perfectly with Your iPhone

Livestream Movi is tube-shaped with white body and big round camera lens. You will mostly agree that its white body and round lens are reminiscent of Apple’s signature design for most of its products. The device is indeed designed to be an accessory for iPhone and its design will blend perfectly with iPhone’s design. Although it can also be paired with iPad, it is designed more to be an accompaniment for iPhone.

Powerful Camera that Captures High-Resolution Pictures and Videos

This camera is equipped with a 4K-resolution sensor, meaning this camera can capture images and videos that are taken from afar with impeccable clarity. This will become of great use if you want to record videos of live events taking place in large areas like stadiums. You want to make sure that the recorded videos will still be clear even if you have to zoom in. With the 4K sensor of this camera, everything is possible.

Long Lasting

The camera has its own battery that makes it stay alive for 1 hour. With Movi Pro accessory, you can extend its life up to 10 hours before recharging. To store the captured video, the camera includes a 16-GB microSD card and supports up to 32 GB of microSD card storage.

Multiple Live Shots with Only One Camera

This feature makes the biggest difference between shooting using your iPhone’s camera and shooting using Livestream Movi. With this camera, you can intuitively control the camera to shoot up to nine different shots to cut between. The camera’s wide 150-degree field of view allows it to cover a wide shooting area. Within this wide shooting area, you can create up to nine shooting regions so that you can capture the videos of multiple subjects.

The smart feature of this camera becomes handy when you do multiple live shots. If you separate the shooting area into multiple regions with each region shooting a certain person, you can rely on the camera’s smart face detection and movement tracking features to allow each shooting region to stay and focus on the subjects. When they move, the specified region of the camera will follow their movement.

What Is Lacking?

Despite all smart features that the camera offers, there are some absent features that you may expect the camera to have. The camera is not only optimized for iPhone, but also designed only to accompany it. You can still use it if you have an iPad, but if you are an Android user, this camera will not be compatible with your device. And currently, the maker has no plan to release an Android-compatible model.
We have mentioned that the camera can create up to nine different shots, but it is worth mentioning that all of those different shots come from the same angle. Therefore, although you can have multiple shots, you cannot get multiple angles.

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