3D Technology For Real Estate Listings

Looking for a house is a tedious and time-consuming process. Attending many opens for inspections only to realized that the properties didn’t meet your needs and specifications. Well, thanks to 3D technology, all that wasted time could be put into good use. 3D technology has become one of the go-to tools in the real estate tech, helping to distribute immersive imagery and information to all the involved parties in the home-buying and renting process

In this article, we are going to look at how 3D tech has revolutionized both new launch properties and resale listings.

The tech has made home showing easier and economical

Physically showcasing a space or property is time-consuming and expensive. Property managers, buyers, and agents are always looking for new ways to cut down on cost when showing properties. The 3D camera creates a virtual model providing authenticity and increasing comprehensiveness of a property space providing a real sense of scale which isn’t always available with your typical flat picture real estate listings.

By employing 3D technology its transforms, the whole sales transaction process efficient, streamlined and effective ensuring agents and their clients spend less time visiting the site and concentrate more on bidding and negotiating for their ideal homes.

Addressing concerns of sellers’ privacy

Reducing the number of walk-in tours in a home throughout the entire selling process helps to maintain the seller’s privacy using 3D technology. Significantly reducing the number of tours given by your agents will create less intrusion to the normal lives of the sellers and their families.

Showcasing incomplete homes

For sellers and agents showing unfinished homes and residential developments, 3D technology is the go-to element. You can provide virtual tours to showcase property spaces that do not exist increasing your chances of making a sale.

Creating unique models

For those who model their homes fully, this tech allows you to create a physical 3D printed model from a software representation of your home. It enables buyers to imagine themselves living in those spaces giving them a more authentic and real feel of how their homes would like.

According to a recent survey 44% of homebuyers and 47% of renters search for homes online from a distance and employing 3D tech will be very beneficial to all those who are involved.

Giving your customers time

Providing your customers with an opportunity to imagine themselves in a property space over time as compared to a single quick tour is an unforgettable experience. Access to 3D space models lets them play around with their perceptions of the house, increasing their end satisfaction with a purchase.

Establishing your companies’ presence

3D technology is a newcomer in the real estate sector, incorporating the tech into your real estate listings will attract forward minded customers setting you apart from the rest keeping yourself ahead of the curve by offering 3D tours.

By integrating directly with mobile devices which are widely used, real estate agents can use their phones and capture a panoramic photo and add 3D homes to their listing providing a new market and improving the search experience for buyers and renters

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