How To use Gift Card Holders in Brand Promotion

Gift Card Holders

Brands have been using gift cards for a long time to grab the attention of existing clients and potential customers. These are useful accessories that successfully attract people and encourage them to stay loyal to a brand. To turn them into a more beneficial tool, they can be coupled with custom gift card holders. These are customized casings that allow a company to showcase a unique design.

Custom holders for gift cards take a present to a whole new level and provide a brand with a unique promotional strategy. A company can personalize them in a way that they showcase a unique style.

Also, this gift card packagingcan be a valuable tool to promote a brand’s services and encourage customers to keep on using them.

Here is how gift card holders can be used in a company’s brand promotion strategy:

1. Engrave a Logo

Whether it’s a gift card, a coupon, and any other thing that takes customers to visit a brand and hire its services, it can be placed inside a card holder to increase its appearance and make it more impactful. In addition, these holders can be designed to promote a company and its services.

Custom gift card boxesand holders can be personalized to add a clean company logo to them. After that, these engraved accessories become a part of a promotional strategy. A well-placed logo on these card holders can effectively speak on behalf of a brand.

2. Write Contact Details

In addition to putting a company logo, a brand can use these uniquely-designed card holders and boxes to attract more potential clients. It can add several things like contact details or website address to make people aware of places they should visit in case they want to know more about a company or its services.

Wherever these boxes and card holders go with a customer, it tells others about a company. Well-written contact details can speak about the places where people interested in a brand’s services should visit to get them. In addition, they come to know that a company gives gift cards to its customers and makes efforts to improve their shopping experience. This encourages them to contact the company and invest in its services. 

3. Promote a Service/Product

Apart from putting a brand logo, tagline, or contact details, a card holder box holder can be used to promote services or a new product by the company. For example, a company can insert a picture of a product and information around it on a card holder. This can effectively tell customers about new products by a company.

4. How to Design Gift Card Holders

To incorporategift card holders in a company’s marketing strategy, it is necessary to design it in a way that it tells about a company and its services to existing clients and potential customers.

Useful card holders and boxes are the ones that come with a catchy appearance, clear brand name and logo, contact details, and information around a company. A brand can decide how to personalize these card holders and what color can suit them.

The brand needs to reach the right online store where they can get these custom card holders. After that, it can personalize these accessories and place an order.


Custom card holders can be useful accessories to hold gifts while helping a company in promoting its products and services. They play a significant role in providing a brand with a unique way to present gift cards to their clients and encourage them to stay loyal. 

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