Why Google for Work Chromebox is Essential for Office Meeting

Google Chromebox for MeetingGoogle Chromebox for Meeting

Video conference is vital for modern office work, especially when it comes to efficiency, and Google for work Chromebox released the supporting app in 2014. Chromebox is a Chrome app released by Google specifically to support video conference, and it is still being developed to manage larger video conference with more people. The new Chromebox is even compatible with mobile device, making your office meeting more convenient wherever the participants are.

Google for Work Chromebox for All Meeting Scales

Google for work Chromebox is available for all meeting scales; small meeting, small room meeting, and large scale meeting. Each has specific devices to support the activity. Here are the details:

Small Meeting (for 2 people)

For one-on-one video conference, Chromebox is available with $799 basic price. The package comes with 24 inch, 1080 LED Chromebase touchscreen, complete with Ethernet, Wifi and Bluetooth. You also get Google Hangouts app (which can handle up to 25 people meeting) and Chromebase management and support system.

Small Room Meeting (for 2-8 people)

If your meeting is for up to 8 people, you get a Small Room package with $999 basic price. Beside Google Hangouts and Chromebase management and support system, you also get Chromebox with Intel Core i7, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0 port and Wifi. You also get HD 1080p camera with autofocus lens, wireless QWERTY remote control, speaker, and microphone.

Large Meeting (for up to 20 people)

If you hold large scale meeting, you will need more supportive devices. From $1,999, you get a package consists of Chromebox with Intel Core i7, remote control, Logitech PTZ 1080p camera with 10x zoom, with 90 degree view and 130 degree of tilted view. You also get two speakers and microphones instead of one.

Say goodbye to your old projector, old-school microphone, and whiteboard. These Chromebox devices will make your meeting more convenient, even if you need to hold large-scale meeting with remote participants.

Convenience with Google for Work Chromebox

Google continues to improve its system, so you get extra convenience from using the package. Google Hangouts, which is included in the system, allows the meeting participants to join video conference or conversation from mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet. Also, you can connect the device with other Google for work apps for more efficiency, such as Google Calendar.

For example, if you need to create a meeting schedule and tell everyone instantly, you can connect the device with Google Calendar and make the schedule for everyone to see. When you need to share some presentation slides or materials, you can do it quickly by typing g.co/present in the browser, and it will instantly share any slides or meeting materials everyone needs to see.

Finally, Chromebox does not interfere with other video conference apps at all. If you still need to have other video conference apps or devices, such as Vidyo, UberConference or InterCall, you can even integrate the Chromebox with them if you still need to use the old system. Just like Chrome, Google for work Chromebox is designed for convenience in video conference and meeting.

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