10 Variables That Will Transform Public Relations In 2019


The role of marketing and public relations (PR) are critical to create awareness and extend the visibility of the brand, connect it with its audiences and even protect it from its detractors. With the changes in the communication industry, the scenario for 2019 looks challenging for PR professionals as new technologies and trends join the equation. These new technologies like blockchain and AI allow companies like Goodnoon to develop a new decentralized PR token that will complement some strategies that will be fundamental for small businesses to give consistency and continuity to the communication of the brands that they represent.

1. Public relations through a holistic approach

Efforts in traditional and digital media are the tactics most used by PR professionals to achieve brand coverage and reach their audience. With the change in habits and communication channels, brand communication will have to be executed considering a holistic communication approach; which integrates its efforts with paid marketing campaigns to obtain higher levels of visibility.

2. Digital content strategies

In a digital environment, being seen demands great efforts; brands have the challenge to get attention and gain loyal followers considering the competition. PR strategies will have to use digital content even more and take advantage of newsjacking and seasonal events to generate more engagement.

3. The evolution of strategies with influencers

Digital influencers are the perfect allies of brands, as they have proven their effectiveness in bringing brands closer to their audiences. Before many people are convinced of the power of digital influence, there will be those who are already looking for micro influencing by specialization and quality to achieve greater visibility, reach and engagement. And is that despite not having millions of followers, the voice of these niche influencers is heard by their audiences, as they consider them as authentic trusted third parties.

4. Thought Leadership will extend beyond the C-Suite

Traditionally, Thought Leadership strategies have been developed for senior executives such as CEOs. However, the number of companies that will consider their leaders outside the C-Suite will increase, since the best way to become a leading company is to look at the entire organization and not just at the top. This new approach will be of great help to companies, because if a leader leaves the organization, there will be others to continue the strategy, and there will be greater opportunities to reach their different audiences.

5. Plans to prevent communication crisis

In such a competitive market, your reputation, who you are, what you say and what others perceive about your brand is one of the most valuable assets and a key factor in achieving a differentiator. As it is not possible to avoid crises, the best way to reduce their impact is with effective plans. The planning will make brands ready to respond in a timely and appropriate manner, preventing damage in their reputation and if it is used effectively, the threat could become an opportunity.

6. False news are extending to social media

We have already seen the impact of these contents on the perception and reputation of brands, and this year the situation could intensify, as their transit will surely increase through social media. Although they may seem harmless, the best thing for the PR teams will be to be prepared for this threat, which appears to arise lately among every social network, so they can help you in all content like press releases and where to locate them online. The way in which brands are already being supported by AI To Put An End To Fake News will be beneficial in maintaining a good reputation in the near future.

7. Measurement results in every campaign

Measuring the impact and value of PR is essential, as it provides an overview of how different efforts are contributing to achieving the objectives. In 2019, brands will be in search of more in-depth and more comprehensive analysis that provide them with quantitative data (published articles, media played, share of voice, audience reached) and qualitative (profiles of followers, types of interactions in social media, access to website of the brand and the impact of digital influence) to name a few. The idea will continue to be to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns as well as get the most out of budgets.

8. Social Relations

The use of social networks and digital marketing has made CEOs and CMOs think that they no longer need to carry out an RP strategy. The fact is that they expect quick results with marketing, and they are not aware that a solid relationship with traditional media and validation by trusted, independent and impartial third parties – digital influencers, journalists, media – with relevance, reach and resonance is the best way to make waves in a digital world in constant evolution to continue building an audience, generate interaction and relationship with the brand -engagement- and introduce it to a network of potential buyers and future promoters of the brand.

9. Artificial Intelligence will change PRs

AI – artificial intelligence – is permeating the PR industry and promises to make the efforts of professionals more efficient, such as company planning, content strategies, and personalization by analyzing audience data. Applications such as optimized AI chatboxes will be used to achieve more effective communication through social networks, websites or messaging apps. AI will give a comprehensive perspective, improving decision making and granting a competitive advantage to public relations.

10. Internal RPs will rely more on agencies

A significant challenge for the internal teams of PR is to invest in a relationship with traditional media, digital influencers, crisis management, thought leadership, digital tactics, among others. Faced with these PR requirements, different skills and strategies are needed, which in many cases represent an investment that is best spent on the core of the business. To achieve its communication objectives, it will be increasingly necessary to resort to third-party specialists in the field, who will be able to carry out the strategies of the brands in a focused manner, according to the different needs and optimizing theROI.

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