What Should You Do with Your Old Mobile Phone?

Some people tend to upgrade their mobile phones on a regular basis, shoving their old handset into a drawer and leaving it to gather dust. Before long, they end up with a drawer full of mobile handsets that they need to get rid of, some of which might be in decent condition and good working order.

If you are upgrading your mobile handset, there are various options you can consider when it comes to getting rid of your old phone. Rather than leaving it to clutter up your drawer space and gather dust, consider other options available. There are various options you can choose from depending on the condition and usability of the handset. We will look at some of these in this article.

Some of the Options Available

You will find a range of ways in which you can relieve yourself of your old mobile phone, and some of these could even help put a little extra cash in your back pocket. Some of the options to consider are:

Recycle Your Old Phone

When you get rid of your old handset, you need to ensure you do it responsibly so there is no impact on the environment. One of the ways in which you can do this is to recycle the handset. This is a very simple and convenient process these days, as there are many recycling companies that you can go through. In addition, you can do it all online, which saves you both time and hassle.

If your handset is a newer model and is in good working order, you can expect to get a decent amount for it when you recycle. Of course, the amount does also depend on the aesthetic condition of the handset as well as which recycling company you use. The make and model will also determine what you can get for the phone.

Sell the Phone Online

Another option you can consider is to sell mobile phone online through sites like eBay. Many people get rid of their old phones using this method, and you can get a fair amount for it if it is in good working order and not damaged.

Of course, you need to have an idea of how much to ask for the handset, so the best thing to do is run a search online and see what other people are charging for the same make and model. You should then take the condition of the handset into consideration before coming up with a price tag for your own handset.

Give the Phone Away

If you are feeling generous and have a friend or family member who has a more basic handset, you could even look at giving the phone away to them so that they have a better make and model. You could either gift it to them for a special occasion such as a birthday or just give it to them.

Do remember that the recipient of the handset may need to get the phone unlocked before they use it if your handset is tied to a certain network. If you are giving it to someone as a gift, you may want to get it unlocked yourself first to save them having to sort it out when you give it to them. Also, if you do give the phone as a gift, make sure you also include any necessary accessories such as the charger.

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