How to Find The Best Money Clip Wallets

We took our time to consult a number of style professionals, went through several money clips and finally group tested about 20 of the best clips in duration of two weeks. Our findings indicated that Storus-Smart Clip exhibited superior qualities over the rest of the tested money clips thus becoming the best product so far. 

However, if you are out there looking for a perfect card holder and cash clip hybrid, we can advise you to pay attention to Viosi as the best choice and stylish clip. Or you might consider checking out the Kinzd money clip wallets for a more fashionable and trendy option. So, how did we go about with our selection of the best money clip wallets?

There are two most important factors to consider when choosing your money clip. These are the functional ability of the device and fashion. In our selection, we considered both factors to settle on our best money clip.

We all understand that money clips are not that complicated as many people would try to make you think. In fact, they are just simple pieces of well-bent metal accessories that are designed to serve the purpose of holding your bills or cards. Despite their simplicity, money clips can be distinguished easily based on their quality and function.

To find the best results on our selected products, we went through Amazon reviews to settle on the best clips in relation to the users’ reviews. From there, we went ahead to consult a few trendy sites such as The Coolist and HiConsumption in order to find those money clips that fashion-conscious folks found to be the most appropriate in terms of use and efficiency. 

In the course of our research, we realized that most of the people were in favor of money clip wallets rather than the traditional money clips for obvious reasons. Money clip wallets are just simple card holders attached with money clips and a good number of them lack the usual “pocket” for keeping the cash. On the other hand, some people prefer using money bands that served the same function as that of a money clip. In both cases, there was an aspect of minimizing bulkiness in the users’ pockets.

The Need for a Money Clip

The need for a better money clip depends on your preferences and habit. This means that if you’re into minimalist persuasion, then your choice should be a money clip. Alternatively, if you are fond of carrying several items in the form of credit cards, IDs and a few pictures of your loved ones, a money clip is not for you. Perhaps you would prefer sticking to the traditional bulky wallet.

Essentially money clips, unlike tie bars or cuff links, can become accessories for special occasions. According to Adam York, a men’s style and fashion blogger (Your Average Guy) sometimes the situation may demand you to unleash a bundle of banknotes tightly held together in-between a money clip. This way, you will realize the importance of a money clip and how it can always have that timeless appeal you’ve wanted to have.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of owning a classic and stylish money clip:


● Most of the money clips are slim, sleek and unobtrusive in a manner that they won’t spoil the look of your outfit. 
● Most of these clips fit in your front pockets perfectly thus eliminating incidences of sitting on your wallet.
● Money clips dictate what to carry and what not to carry in terms of preference and necessity.


● A number of money clips are not able to hold as many items as a traditional wallet.
● Most of them are so light that you won’t even notice when they fall out of your pocket.
● Some people consider using a money clip as an outdated fashion.
● Too-tight or poor quality money clips are likely to scratch your cards.

One of the most important points to note is that, in this era, many people prefer carrying less cash or none at all. Instead, they prefer walking around with paperless money in the form of credit cards. Therefore, money clips could be the best accessories to facilitate the holding of a handful of your plastic cards when moving from place to place.

How to Use Your Money Clip

Now, if you are settling for a money clip, it is equally important to know how you can use it. To begin with, you will need to start by folding your paper money (in case you want to carry some cash) into the half. Start with the larger bills inside and smaller ones outside for security reasons. Then place your folded money into the clip with the folded side going in first before adding your credit cards.

The Best Features to Look For in a Money Clip

The following features are worth putting into consideration when looking for your ideal money clip. These are:

● Type of clip
● Its aesthetic value
● The quality
● Capacity
● Cost
● RFID blocking.

Final Thought

If your dream is to go minimalist when it comes to keeping your valuable items, then money clips are a perfect choice for you. But the choice of your money clip will depend on your preference and fashion among other important factors discussed above.

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