Some Creative Small Business Ideas for Youth

People’s lives are the sum of various experiences. A closer look at human life can give us many ideas that can influence our decision making and our own development. Many times we do not understand what decision we have to make or what issues we have to take for our own development.

The reason for this is that making wrong decisions and taking negative things can halt our progress in life and keep us locked in a certain boundary. Now we all know about Jack Mara. He is a Chinese entrepreneur and founder of popular e-commerce site He has been praised all over the world as a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

If we are asked to choose jobs and businesses in front of our youth, they choose jobs, because they do not understand that many more jobs can be offered through business. Is this what our young people think about the nature of jobs or business? Or do we create an environment for them to think that way?

Young people are running out of jobs. Young people tend to be more in government jobs than in private jobs because job security is high in government jobs. There are many benefits, including pensions. There is another disadvantage, which some take on a positive attitude. There is a chance of corruption in the government service; there is a chance to get rid of it.

Some Creative Job Ideas for Youth:

I show you some profitable and creative business ideas for youth and those business ideas help to build their career. But at first you should learn more about the proper planning, investment and policies to start a business. New let’s look at those creative business ideas:


Restaurant is one of the most profitable businesses to start with low assets. Start by investing 3 to 4 lakhs on branding from day one. For this, you can also open social media campaigns like Facebook to open pages or groups. Keep uploading pictures mentioning birthday cakes, party with friends etc. you should also provide home delivery service to grow your business. Try to do whatever the customer wants in the beginning. They will also work as advertised. Keep in mind the selection of restaurant location.

Cloth or Decoration:

Demand for clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, home decoration accessories and other things are increasing day by day mainly at the festive or wedding season. If these shops can be bought with good quality and at the right price, then there is a chance of success of your business. Depending on what kind of store you have, how much your investment will cost? In this case you need to create your own card, calendar, etc. or campaign with a new idea. Work without wasting time on storytelling with friends; make them listen to your business story. It is also part of the campaign.

It takes time to be successful. But once in a while you will see that your business will not be less than the job. 

Tour Guide:

People love to visit. And they often rely on tour guides for that. It is your responsibility to plan the entire tour, starting with booking flights, train tickets, hotel bookings. It is possible to get regular business if you can do office, school or college tours. It’s a low-profit business. All you have to do is create a website, and make contact with hotels in different places, knowing their travel agent commission rates. Find out new places. One of the most lucrative businesses currently operating is a touring business.


With proper skills and training, it is possible to do this business in small capital. But the materials needed for the primary service. Go home and provide services such as facials, pedicures, manicures, oil massages or waxing to the buyer. Many people prefer to get all these services at home without going to the beauty parlor. If the quality of service is good people will spread the word. You can also create your website. 

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