How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

If you are running or maintaining a site, then you must be aware of the value of Backlinks. Backlinks are considered as votes in terms of SEO. If you want your site/page on the top rank of Google, then the quality and the authority of that site/page must be high, and you can do so by getting the backlinks from top sites on the internet which have a very high authority.
Wikipedia is one of those high-quality sites. Everyone wants to get the backlinks of their sites from this site. It is one of the oldest and biggest sites on the internet, and according to a tool, it receives around 7 Billion impressions per month. So, getting a link from this kind of site is worthwhile.
But hold on, do you know that Wikipedia gives a no-follow link that won’t pass any link juice to your site and if that’s the case then is it useful to get a no-follow link from this site?
Of course! It will be useful for you and your site. Don’t know why and how? Then let us tell you.
Wikipedia ranks for almost every keyword in Top 10 results of Google. So most of the people visit this site, and if on that landing page, there is your link then you may get the targeted traffic to your site. Apart from this, you may also get natural backlinks since most of the publishers use Wikipedia as the source of info and if there is your link to the page from where the publisher is getting the information, then chances are high that you may get the natural backlink from that site.
Now, let’s see how you can get the backlinks from Wikipedia.
Follow the Steps given below to get Backlinks:
Step 1: Search for the broken or dead links in Wikipedia. For this, there are two options: First, you can use the advanced search query and second you can use a tool.
If you go with the first option then search the following on Google: “Your Keyword Phrase” “dead link”
Or “Your Keyword Phrase” “Citation Needed”
You can use any keyword as your keyword phrase. Like if your site is related to United States news then you can use this as keyword phrase and if related to post offices then also do the same. Now select your result.
If you go with the second option, then you can use the Wiki Grabber tool to find the dead links or articles that need the citation.

Now make changes according to your requirements. You can search for dead links by pressing Ctrl + F in your browser. All dead links will be highlighted by this.
Step 2: It’s time to replace the dead link with your link, and for this, you have to log-in to Wikipedia. If you don’t have any account, then make one by using the “Create Account” option.

Step 3: After creating an account you will see the option “Help Improve Wikipedia” by edit the article. You can also click on the “edit” option given at each and every section.
Step 4: Now, after clicking on the edit option, you will see an option on the top “switch to source editing,” click on that.
Step 5: Press Ctrl + F and search for Dead. Through this, you will find the dead link in the source code.
Step 6: Edit the source code and replace it with your link.
Step 7: After finishing it up, don’t forget to save the page.
That’s it from your side. You can see your link and the changes at the same time. After this, Wikipedia moderators will see whether the link is useful for people or not and if they find it useful then your link may remain for a longer time.
Tips: If you want your link on the same page for a longer time then firstly start editing the page as an editor that too without adding any link. Once, you gain some trust then you can insert your link. If you don’t do this, then the other editors will report you, and you won’t be able to add any link.
Don’t spam Wiki with lots of links. Just act natural, and you will definitely get as many backlinks as you want.
That’s the easiest and fastest way to get backlinks from Wikipedia.

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