Things to know about Jobsora job search engine

What is Jobsora?

Jobsora is a job search engine that operates in India and 70 other countries of the world. This job board is visited by about 70 mln job seekers monthly. Here, a half a million candidates find jobs monthly. Who is this platform designed for? It serves an effective tool for job search and job advertising. It means it can be used either by job seekers or employees.

Imagine that you are looking for some information on the Internet. For this purpose, we are using search engines, for example, Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. On the one hand, Jobsora is a search engine created specifically for a job search. On the other hand, it enables employers to place job offers in India.

The advantages of using Jobsora

On this job board, everyone can post an unlimited number of job offers for free to find job seekers available in India and other countries. Jobsora functions like an aggregator where all the job ads are gathered in one place. There is no need to visit numerous career sites to place your job offer and make it available to many users. All you need to do is simply place one offer on Jobsora and move it to the top of the search results list. Jobsora is designed to filter out every duplicated job automatically. What makes Jobsora different from other job boards is that here you don’t have to fuss as the process of placing a job offer is unbelievably easy.

Jobsora is extremely helpful in finding the desired job in a few seconds. It means you don’t need to register on the never-ending list of career sites but get everything you are looking for on one platform. When registering on Jobsora as a candidate, you will get email notifications directly to your mailbox with jobs that are the most relevant to your skills and interests.

How does the job search look like?

If you are performing a job search on Jobsora for the first time, you have two options. The easiest way is to enter a keyword and location in the search bar to get an instant search result. You can also different filters placed on the left side of the screen. The tags like internet, part-time, online, officer can help to customize your personal search and make this process more productive and a little easier.

How to place a job offer?

Jobsora job aggregator in India helps to attract candidates to employers’ job offers. When using Jobsora, you can increase your job board targeted audience with ease. It takes a few minutes to fill in the form. An employer is asked to provide such details as name, email, password, phone number and company name. On average, composing a job offer takes 5 to 7 minutes. This service is completely free of charge. However, to speed up the process of finding workers, an employer can try out an option of paid job offers.

How much does it cost to place a job offer?

As mentioned above, it is possible to move the job offer to the top of the search results. Premium posting starts at 5 dollars. It is highly important for an employer to get relevant local traffic at a reasonable cost.

When posting paid job offers, an employer is allowed to place an unlimited number of ads. Access to personal account and analytics is also obtained when posting your job ad. Another advantage of paid job offers is that the employer is paying for targeted clicks only. It is also possible to manage the flow of the candidate. Every paid ad is given the badge ‘Premium’, so it can be easily seen on the top of the search results list. In addition, users can receive job alerts when candidates apply for a position.

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