How An Ideal Pitch Deck Template For Business Should Look?


It is a brief presentation, that is basically used to show your business model to investors or clients or customers, etc. You can give this brief presentation either face-to-face or online in a video call.

It is beneficial as it is brief so it only includes major and important points which are actually useful for the person sitting next. The person can easily understand the facts and figures as they are on point.


1. Cover Slide: This slide of pitch deck templates should typically include the name of the company, website, CEO phone number and e-mail and the vision of your company.

2. Problem: If your business idea is based on a real-life problem or through your product or business you are going to solve a problem then you will mention the problem here with some stats. Also, be very brief about your problem and try to complete it in a maximum of 3 bullet points.

3. Solution: Write the solution in one line and then give around 3 or 4 sub-points.

4. Product: Directly go to this point if you are not targeting any problem present in the present case scenario. Explain your product that you are going to launch and write 3 or 4 of its features. It is always good if you can put a screenshot of your product and can tell how exactly the product will look.

5. Business Model: Try to include some figures numerically so the person can easily understand the things that you are trying to explain. It is very important as in this you have a chance to show that you have really researched enough for this product and you know exactly what you are planning to do.

6. Market: Here mention the market that you are going to target also the size of the market.

7. Competition: It is very important to know with whom are competing. Here include your all major competitors who can affect your product the most. You can divide the slide according to the number of competitors and then you can make a list of the features in their products.

8. Profit: It is really not possible to predict the profits before launching a product because you never know what can happen but you can do your research and take an assumption about around how much profit this product can make. This will make a good impact but for making a good impact don’t ever write false assumptions or a huge number, always be realistic and put the numbers you can actually make.

Never forget to put the title in each of the slides and be very brief. Try to mention only major and important points. Always try to include relevant pictures and numbers. You need to be very careful as based on this presentation investors will decide whether this is worth their money or not.

There are many templates available in the market, you can look up to them for inspiration or you can purchase these templates online.

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