Instagram Marketing: The Basics You Need to Know

Social media marketing, and in turn Instagram marketing has become one the most important channels of advertisement.

These days, you cannot run a business by not utilizing the social media channels. 

Every platform has its own ways of customer-acquisition, and it can be quite confusing if you want to focus on just one.

In this article, we will be focusing on Instagram as an acquisition channel and how you can target the Instagram viewer.

1. Know Who your Audience is

This is the basis of marketing, which we are sure you are very well aware of. But knowing who your audience is more than important for Instagram marketing.

You need to know exactly the type of customer who you are marketing the product to. This means not only their age, but also what are their likes, dislikes, what is their dream job etc.

This is because Instagram knows the type of content their users consumes, and if you know that too, they will be able to display your ads to the right people.

2. Create Relevant and Up-to-Date Content

The age of content has allowed us to consume huge amounts of content in a matter of seconds. 

This means that idea you had for a post last week, probably isn’t even relevant anymore.

Your research for content should be highly relevant to their audience you are targeting. 

This doesn’t mean you have to keep coming with original content every time you post something. 

It simply means that you should stay updated to what the latest thing is in your niche, and design content accordingly and Instagram verification badge.

3. Make Most of All the Features

Instagram stories are becoming more popular than the in-feed posts. You should leverage this information to your benefit.

Create engaging content, that makes your audience want to stop and go through the whole thing, instead of swiping left or right.

If you are just starting out, you need to showcase everything you have and that too in the right way. 

If you are focusing only on designing in-feed posts, divide your attention to stories as well.

Instagram algorithm is not forgiving to new accounts, and you will need to work hard to get noticed.


Influencer marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. Make the most out of it.

Find accounts that you need go well with the product you are selling, who also have a good following. 

Get these micro-influencers to promote your product, so that you get some followers on your page.

Those giveaways you see every other second on your feed? Yes, those are quite effective in increasing followers and brand awareness in a short amount of time.

Influencer marketing can cost you anywhere between $50 to $1000, and you will need to invest in it especially in the beginning if you are to utilize Instagram as a user acquisition channel in the future.

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