Top Useful Tools for a Software Developer: Task Management, Time Tracking, and Version Control

Top Useful Tools for a Software Developer Task Management, Time Tracking, and Version Control

There are plenty of tools that will help you to be more productive at work. In order to organize your work effectively and not miss anything important, use task management, time tracking software, and version control tools that we mention in this post. 

Version control

These apps will help you to manage your work tasks and report issues. 

GitLab and GitHub

GitLab and GitHub software development tools are among the most popular developer tools. First of all, they are great for working on documentation or code in a team. Here you can host, review, and merge code, report an issue or solve them, and contribute to the projects of your colleagues. 

GitLab and GitHub have similar functionality, and every developer chooses what they like best.


If your company for some reason does not like GitHub, the may use other version control systems such as Bitbucket by Atlassian. It has a set of standard functionality that allows you to store code and work on it collaboratively. Version control opportunities enable you to edit code and easily get back to earlier versions of the software system. 


Another tool that remote teams love is Beanstalk. It runs in the browser like other version control systems and allows users to write and review code and commit to project repositories. It supports analytical tools and can be integrated with messaging and email systems. It supports both Git and SVN.

Task management

Working on a project in a team, it is important to see all the relevant tasks in front of you. These task management tools help remote teams not to miss anything important. 

Jira software

Jira has Agile boards (Scrum and Kanban) to improve the communication between the members of a remote team. Everybody knows their tasks for a given time period and can also see what their colleagues are working on. 


Here one can also create dashboards and Agile boards where it is possible to comment and leave messages for the team. However, some people prefer to work with lists, and Basecamp gives them that opportunity. 

This platform also allows using file storage, communicating in group chats, and direct messages. It also has client access using which you can forward the client’s emails and requirements. Overall, if you are looking for a platform where you can do all, choose Basecamp.


You can use Todoist for personal task management or if you work as a freelancer. Organizing everything you need to do as a list and setting deadlines will help you deal with work and daily life tasks.

Time tracking

Knowing how much time it takes to complete a task, you manage to organize your day better.


This is a simple tracking app that has a Google extension. It takes three seconds to install but it makes the time tracking process much more convenient. Then you can manually report your tracks in You track or allow your employer to have direct access to commits.


Toggle is also a nice time tracking app with an intuitive interface. It will boost your productivity since you won’t spend any second in vain anymore. Available for web, desktop, and mobile.

Final thoughts

Smart tools can improve the quality of your work and make you more productive. Choose the instruments from this list for version control, task management, and time tracking.

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