The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Preserving And Storing Antique Furniture

A lot of the things we fill our home with depreciate in value over time but antique furniture pieces are forever(well… almost forever)! They can be passed down to future generations and have remarkable value that only appreciates as it ages.

How then do we ensure these priceless furniture pieces retain their value?

1. Don’t Store Your Antique Furniture In Your Basement or Attic

The attic or basement is a popular storage location in most homes. However, it is very unsuitable for storing your antique furniture. This is because basement and attic and have ever-changing humidity and temperature levels which encourages the growth of mildew and mold that can ruin your antique furniture. Antique furniture are best stored in places where there is proper ventilation.

2.Disassemble All Removable Pieces

If your antique furniture has removable pieces, it is always wise to disassemble them before storing. Antique furniture – because of their age are not as strong as traditional furniture. This is because the weight of certain pieces on the structure will cause it to weken with the passage of time and if care is not seeking cause it to crack or break. So if you antique Armoire or dresser for instance, has a mirror attached removing the said mirror before storing is best.

3.Don’t Go Overboard With Plastic

A common mistake a lot of people make while storing their antique furniture is to use too much plastic while wrapping. While wrapping your furniture using plastic is a good way to protect it from damage, use too much and you would stop the furniture from breathing which would encourage the growth of mildew or mould; as they thrive in humid environment.

4.Don’t Forget About UV Rays

It is always a good idea to store your antique furniture away from direct sun sunlight. As long-term exposure to UV rays can cause serious damage to your antique furniture. If you cannot store your antique furniture away from direct sunlight, investing in a UV protector would be a great alternative.

5 Prepare For Transport

If you intend to put your antique furniture in storage, adequately preparing it for transportation is very important. A good way to do this is to dismantle removable removable section and pieces(don’t forget to wrap these as well). You should also wrap all furniture edges in moving blankets or bubble wrap(you can get this form your local supply store). Doing this will ensure that your furniture is adequately protected in transit.

6. Check On Your Antique Furniture

Properly storing your antique furniture is a great idea but forgetting to check on it frequently isn’t. No matter how careful you are when preparing an item for storage, it can still get damaged. This is why frequently checking in on your stored antique furniture is important, this way you can spot and repair any damage quickly.

7. Use A Climate Controlled Unit When Possible

Investing in a climate-controlled storage unit is something you might want to consider. Using these type of storage unit, will give control of both the humidity and temperature levels within the unit, which will help protect your antiques from mold,and other forms of environment related damages. While climate controlled unit represent an additional cost, it will definitely be worth it especially if you use it to store very expensive antique pieces.

8. Keep Them Clean

The best way to keep your antique furniture pieces clean is to regularly wipe them with down to remove dust using a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use wood oil because although it may temporarily enhance their appearance, it will also attract dirt and dust build-up that can be hard to remove over time.

Polishing once or twice a year is enough. Please remember to use a beeswax-based polish instead of one that contains silicon, which has a tendency to affect the natural oils present in wood.

9. Protect Antique Furniture From Insects

Termites, small beetle and other pests are attracted to leather, fabrics, and wood.. A good way to protect these your prized possessions from damage from an insect infestation is to have it fumigated frequently with non chemical products.

Antique Furnitures are special. Just picture how many generations of care went into those pieces before they found their way to you. So don’t neglect them. Remember, they are just like fine wine, they keep getting better with time!

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