How to Find the Best Gaming Desk

Most enthusiastic gamer spend heavily on the right gaming components for the PC, however, they tend to forget that the gaming furniture is equally as important for the perfect experience.

Fortunately, there are several pieces of furniture that are made specifically for gamers, you can find chairs, sofas, beds and even desks. In this article, we will explore the gaming desks, the types that are available and how to find the right one.

Specialized Gaming Desks

Desks can be found with their specialized purpose. For example, an office desk would have several file cabinets for archiving folders. Even music industry has specialized desk called studio desks.

Similarly, you can find desks that are built for the pure purpose of gaming. There are three brands that stand out in this regard. Firstly, we have the famous brand Atlantic with their generic Not Machine Specific Gaming desk and the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro.

Atlantic Gaming Desk – Not Machine Specific

These desks are small, but they offer tremendous features like rack and stands for your monitor, headset, controllers, speakers and even your drink.

Secondly, we have the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. This desk is expensive but features high quality material. The surface of the desk is spill proof and has a mousepad-like surface. It is large enough to accommodate three monitors for a triple monitor setup.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

We also have a few more specialized desk by brands like E-Blue. So the point is, if you want to save yourself from the headache of finding the right gaming desk, you can simply have a look at these specialized gaming desk.

Non Specialized Gaming Desks

These are your generic and every day computer desks that can serve the purpose of holding your gaming rig.

The choice here is vast so you need to be careful in what you choose. Generally there are four different types of desks that you can find. Here is a short detail on them:

1. Corner Gaming Desks

Buying a corner gaming desk is not only budget friendly, but it also makes a very smart use of the space in your room. It is designed to fit right into the corner. You can enhance the surface by adding cabinets and drawers on the side, but generally, they are built for small gaming setups.

Corner Computer Desk

2. Rectangle Computer Desks
These are your average and generic desks. You are probably sitting one. These can be found in small to very large sizes. Most of the workstation level desks are rectangular. They are the most intuitive and some can even feature enough space for two chairs/persons to fit.

3. L Shaped Desks

These are my personal favorite. Shaped like the letter L, these desks have two perpendicular surface spaces which can be utilized for large gaming setups. Although L-Shaped desks are used mostly by executive offices, they can be great gaming desks if used properly.

L-shaped desk

4. U Shaped Desks
Lastly, we have the U-shaped desks. These are perhaps the most expensive type of computer desks out there and they are almost always used for large executive offices. Gamer’s will not find much use of it as it is designed to hold files and folders.

However, creative gamers could even find the use of this type of desk.

Therefore, if you are looking for non-specialized gaming desks. Then you will need to spend some time figuring out which desk would fit your needs perfectly. You also need to consider whether you will have the space needed to fit a particular desk in your room.


The Right Material for the Gaming Desk

This highly depends on the type of setup you have. If you are have a heavy gaming rig with three 27 inch monitors, then you wouldn’t want to invest in a glass desk.

Generally, gaming desks can be found in a combination of three material: glass, steel and wood. Glass and steel desks are generally the cheapest.

Wood, on the hand, varies vastly in terms of price range. You can find wooden gaming desks that are only a couple of hundred dollars then on the other side of the spectrum you will find them costing thousands. The reason behind this is the fact that there is a variety of wood. Some quality of wood are rarer than other, hence the price factor.



Just like any piece of furniture, gaming furniture can really enhance your experience. Plus, they are only a one time investment. Most of the gaming desks are high quality and can last you for decades.

When choosing the right gaming desk, you can either go for specialized gaming desks such as the one by Atlantic or E-Blue, or you can do due diligence yourself and find the one that specifically fits your budget, your room and your needs.

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