Investigate employee engagement helps you to improve productivity

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Times could not have been more different. When 2020 started, many people needed to leave their offices and start working from home. This has drastically changed the way companies operate. While some could easily support this shift, others struggled to have their IT systems support this new way of working. Employees became more isolated and needed to work behind their screens and have video calls. This has not only resulted in a productivity drain but also has an impact on the engagement. People start to feel different about their company. Time to investigate employee engagement and how to improve it!

How can we define engagement?

When we want to investigate employee engagement, we first need to understand what we need to investigate. Engagement is typically referred to as the feeling of unity and belonging with an organisation. Do employees feel valued? Can they say what they want to say? Are they being heard? As becomes evident from these questions, employee engagement is an important element of company culture. Organisations that have a high engagement tend to have higher productivity as well.

Now, if we want to investigate employee engagement, what is the best way to start? There are many tools out there that can be leveraged. Of course, it also depends on the urgency of the situation. Looking at the current pandemic, now is a good time to make up the checks and balances and see where we stand. There are multiple ways to start such as having interviews with employees or conducting surveys.

Conducting a study on employee engagement

If we want to take a more scientific approach, the best way to start is by conducting a survey. There are many templates available that you can leverage for this. By gathering the responses from team members, you are able to create a holistic view of the organisations. For example, which teams feel the most engaged? By further looking into these teams, we can take key learnings and apply them to other teams. This also holds true for worst performing teams. What is going wrong? How can we make sure it is eliminated? 

Acting upon the survey outcomes

Once the survey results are in, you can start developing a strategy that can be executed. By doing so, you should continue to measure the progress along the way. With regular checkpoints you can see if the strategy works, or if adjustment is needed. Conducting these surveys and acting upon the results can be done with tooling. One of the leaders in the field is Effectory. They offer surveys, dashboards and other tooling. They even offer a specialised survey and program that helps with measuring engagement in the current pandemic. 

Interested and want to learn more about them? You can visit to see their offerings and read stories on companies that have improve their engagement across organisations. 

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