5 Things to Check When You Buy a First Aid Sign Online

A First Aid Sign is important to let people know the availability of a first aid equipment or kit in an area. Thankfully, now you can easily order high-quality signs online in a cost and time-efficient manner. If you are planning to buy these signs online, ensure that you check the five things mentioned in this post.

The First Aid Signage plays an integral role in any facility. These signs inform people about the location of first aid kits, AEDs, eye wash stations, etc. when they are responding to an emergency. The signs are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and forms to ensure that you can easily find the ones that perfectly suit your requirement.

With the availability of signage service providers online, you can now easily order these signs via the internet. But when ordering online, make sure that you do consider these five things-

  1. Material used for creating Signs

Many different types of material are used to make First Aid Signs. Some of the most popular ones include rigid plastic, aluminium, vinyl and polycarbonate. Ensure that you understand the requirements of your facility when selecting. The sign maker too can be helpful in this aspect. Ensure that you choose the one that is made from a durable material and is easy to install.

  1. Size of the Sign

You also need to make sure that the sign is easily visible from a distance to ensure it is easy to spot the first aid kit or other first aid resources during an emergency. The size of the sign will play a major role here. Consider the area where the sign is to be installed to choose the correct size of the sign. 100mm x 100mm and 200mm x 200mm are two of the top choices. Other important factors include the color and form of the sign.

  1. Selecting the Right Brand

There are now several sign makers available online. To ensure that you are buying the high-quality sign, make sure that you choose the right company. Select one that is reputed and specialises in the type of sign you are looking for. Higher quality, better pricing and faster turnarounds are some of the benefits of dealing with a reputed and experienced company.

  1. Complying with the ISO Standards

When buying signs online, it is also important to make sure that the signs are ISO compliant. The safety signs should adhere to ISO 7010:2011 standards. The color, shape and design of the compliant signs are as per the standards established by the International Organization for Standardization and in many cases are a legal obligation.


  1. Cost of the Sign

Last but not the least is the pricing of the sign. While price is surely a significant consideration, ensure that you do not select signs only on the basis of its price. Avoid signs that are too cheap as they would usually not last long. Similarly, it is not necessary that the most expensive ones are the best. Focus on the reputation of the company and material used for creating signs when analysing the cost.

It is only with professional companies that you can get high-quality signs. Understand your requirements and consider the factors mentioned above to buy First Aid Signs that can help during emergencies.

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