Why do people buy SUVs?

A new trend is growing in the automotive industry, sports cars are replaced by SUVs. The market is experiencing an SUV boom right now, largely because of the price of gasoline and on the fact that it is a vehicle that can be used for multiple purposes. If 10 years ago people preferred sport car because they offered them the image of a cool driver, nowadays they prefer performant cars.

In 1991, people opted for sport cars because they were the only models that could offer them performance. Those days SUVs were a nightmare when it came to performance. However, the things have changed a lot, and now everyone considers SUVs the cool cars on the roads because they have extra features, creative design characteristics and extra ground clearance. The driver gets the capability and style, and they do not have to sacrifice the performance feature. The SUV has everything packed under the hood.

What convinces people to opt for an SUV?

Teenagers, soccer moms and businesspersons are all driving SUVs. Your main question may be why do so many people prefer this model of car and what made it the hottest-selling car of the moment? Here are the main reasons why people decided to switch for SUVs, by the end of the article you will probably want one. However, keep in mind that different automobile brands bring on the market different models and sizes of SUVs. Each one of them has their own impressive capabilities and you will have to decide what characteristics suit your lifestyle better.

Here are the most important advantages you get if you own an SUV.

SUVs are more affordable than other vehicles

In most of the cases, people have to choose between an SUV and a truck. In this situation, they usually choose the SUV because it is cheaper to buy it, and it costs less to insure it. However, the cost of the insurance depends on the driving record of the user, therefore you will have to check yours if you want to have an idea of the cost. SUVs are vehicles designed to suit multiple purposes and different categories of people, therefore you will find on the market a model that suits your budget.

SUVs are used for both on-road and off-road conditions

SUVs are one of the top choices of people because they perform well in on-road conditions. The driver can manoeuvre them with ease even in challenging road conditions. The majority of persons do not consider them the ideal vehicles for off-road conditions, but they are as efficient as trucks in this situation.

SUVs are fuel-efficient

When we say that SUVs are fuel-efficient, we compare them with trucks because they are part of the same vehicle category. A standard car would probably gain better mileage at pumps, but we are talking about a large car and we should compare its efficiency with the one of large size vehicles. The majority of SUVs available on the market gather better mileage than trucks. In addition, when comparing them with standard cars, the small price difference is worth because they come with extra features that enhance the experience of the driver. Some SUVs boast up to 21 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highway. It is an impressive consumption for a large car.

SUVs can be used in all-weather conditions

This feature highly depends on the model you will choose, but the majority of vehicles can safely carry you no matter the road conditions. For example from the 2019 Lincoln MKC Reviews we find out that the model brings peace of mind to the driver because it features stability control and anti-lock disc brakes that enhance the experience of the user on bad weather conditions. It does not matter if you intend to use the SUV in thick mud, deep snow, sandy dunes or during heavy rains; it will outperform the most of the standard cars.

SUVs come with hauling and towing capabilities

An SUV is able to haul a boat, camp trailer or utility trailer, all it needs is the right towing hitch. You cannot say the same thing about the other standard cars available on the market. The average SUV has a towing capacity between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds.

SUVs have a large cargo space

The majority of SUV models have adjustable seating and this means that the cargo space can be modified according to the needs of the driver. If you are an avid camper then you can leave the tent at home and sleep in the cargo space of the car. The space is big enough to fit the entire gear of your child’s soccer team, your groceries and your two kids.

SUVs have a better ground clearance

SUVs feature a truck chassis frame and this allows them to offer the driver a sedan-like ride, it means that you will not feel like on a bumpy road, as you would do if you would drive an actual truck. It does not matter the type of the terrain you are driving the car on, it can be both rough and smooth, the experience will be the same, smooth and comfortable. SUVs have a higher ground clearance and an impressive suspension; therefore, they are the right choice for the persons who are driving on bumpy roads regularly.  

SUVs are safe

SUVs are safer than standard cars because of their impact force and size. All SUV cars have registered higher safety scores when compared with the standard cars because they offer more steel protection to passengers. They get through multiple crash tests and safety tests before being released on the market, to make sure that they offer top-notch security and safety to the user.

SUVs have a sturdy frame because they are using a truck chassis. This means that they are more durable, stronger, with a better pulling capacity and higher hauling when compared with sedan models. They come with a four-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive drivetrain and multiple powertrains.

So here are the main reasons why drivers have decided to switch from sports cars to SUVs, do you still have doubts?

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