On-Page SEO Strategies That Will Take Your Brand to The Next Level

While SEO generally refers to the efforts and strategies implemented to increase the visibility of a website on search engines, on-page SEO is more about optimizing the website. The goal is the same: increasing visibility through ranking. On-page SEO is much more than using keywords in the content or meta descriptions. On-page SEO has a lot to do with the experience that visitors will have on your page. Here are actionable on-page SEO strategies that can improve your ranking.

1. Web architecture

Navigable web design will make it possible for crawlers to find and index all the pages of your website on a search engine. As a result, you will be visible. If your Ecommerce web design is interlinked, the crawlers will be able to locate 100% of your pages. This will do wonders for your page ranking on Google and other search engines.

Good web design is important for your page ranking and your visitors’ experience, as they will not struggle to find pages. This will instantly increase the dwell time of your website, hence the ranking on SERPs.

2. Optimizing your page speed

Visitors will exit your website if a page takes more than four seconds to load. This is bad for your dwell time and will also increase your bounce rate. When ranking, these are some of the metrics that search engines look at before ranking a page. They want to know how helpful you are to a user before they give you a top rank. 

There are several ways you can optimize your page loading speed. Compression of files exceeding 150 bytes will boost the speed of your website. Use compression tools that will retain the quality of the images. Optimizing your code, for instance, by removing commas and spaces, can increase your page loading speed. Redirects also tend to slow down websites, therefore removing them would significantly improve the page loading speed. 

3. Using meta descriptions

Most people ignore meta descriptions without realizing the valuable role they play in the ranking. Meta descriptions are placed under the title of a page in SERPs. While they don’t directly affect ranking, there is something that they can do for your SEO.

Meta descriptions are known to increase the click-through-rate of your website. It also tells the users the quality of the search results at a glance, prompting them to click on your page. It tells the users what your page offers, making them interested hence boosting visits. Note that the higher your dwell time is, the higher your ranking will be. Google interprets a high-click-through rate and dwell time as your website being helpful to the users.

The use of short descriptive URLs is also known to boost on-page SEO. On-page SEO looks to make the experience of the crawlers and users on your website pleasant. Strategies such as optimizing your page loading speed, using meta descriptions for your pages, and optimizing your web design will improve your ranking. 

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