Get More Organic Traffic Making Your Site More SEO Friendly

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There is no alternative to make your site rank high in the search engines which is the most significant part in SEO and SEM apart from making your site more SEO-friendly. There are different ways in which you can achieve this. Few simple yet effective ways include:

  • Writing a unique title
  • Making sure that the topic relates to the content of the post
  • Relating the content with the needs of your users
  • Using long tail keywords for better SEO results
  • Making sure that the title includes the keyword but it not only it
  • Writing short, crisp but catchy description to encourage people to click
  • Including the long tail keywords as well a supporting keyword in the description
  • Formatting your URL properly including a keyword making it easier to find and
  • By making sure that constant signals are sent to the search engines with consistent use of keywords.

Sounds enough to you? However, it is hardly so. There are also a few other things that you should keep in mind to enjoy the best SEO results as the major websites and review sites such as and others do.

One such thing to care for is avoiding writing recycled content. This is the first thing to learn about SEO. This is because the search engines can easily recognize any copied content as they have the most advanced tools and software to do so. They will not like it and will not provide you with any rank and you will not be seen ever.

Moreover, reading similar contents over and over again in different sites will bore the readers and they will soon leave your site resulting in your loss in organic traffic and lower SEO and search results as well.

Therefore, make sure you explore the topic, get new writing ideas, and write it in your own language. Write it in a different angle and buying perspective and include a fresh news story as well. All this will generate more organic traffic to your site.

Keep things simple

It is very important to keep things simple. This will provide an uncluttered look to your website and make things easier for the readers to understand. It will also make sure that your website does not contain anything that is unnecessary and affecting the loading time of the landing or any page. Things that you should usually avoid using in your website include:

  • Any large image file
  • Unnecessary coding
  • Large file attachments
  • Large number of embedded videos in one post and
  • Blog posts that contains more than 2,000 words.

When you have ensured all these but still your website seems to be slower than usual it is better to move on to a faster provider as your current hosting provider may not be able to handle the large amount of traffic you may be receiving.

If it still does not work properly, use PageSpeed Tools of Google that are free and designed to make your website more SEO-friendly. Once the speed issue is sorted it will not be a regular thing to worry about.

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