Content Delivery Network is playing a vital role for website owners

Today, we know that there are millions of websites all over the internet. These sites are working on multiple niches and you will find a lot of people browsing them each day. The use of internet and its awareness is also increasing and today, almost all the world is under its influence. In this scenario, when these many people are browsing the internet, it is common that a site goes down due to overload and high traffic. Also, the user experience will be slow and browsing will take a lot of time which is highly annoying. Considering that, to address the problem, the CDN networks are here. Many companies, including the cheapest CDN hosting by spacecdn, is available to you. But before you step out to take their services, first you should understand the role of CDN.

What is CDN?

CDN refers to the content delivery network. It is a network established in which the nodes are hosted by the ISP on demand of various companies that pay for the hosting. In return, they host the data of various websites on these nodes, which are relying on the backbones, and deliver your content rapidly to the ones that are asking for it. So, the website owners pay to the CDN owners and they ask them to host their content on their website. Thus, it gets hosted on the CDN nodes all over the internet and is supplied to the user quickly, ensuring better browsing experience.

How the CDN works in enhancing the speed?

As stated above, many people are browsing the internet and a site at the same time. So, you will have to buy large spaces and host the site on ISP which requires maintenance and time and might be unwanted. Thus, you can consider the CDN.

Once you put your money on the CDN, the content of your site, which includes the CSS, JS, images, etc., are hosted on the nodes. Let’s assume that you are on one continent and the user sends request from far away from another continent. The request from his computer will take a lot of time to reach your server and it slows the speed of the site. There will be multiple electronic hops and the data loss may occur (which is pretty rare though). However, in order to ensure that the user gets better speed and immediate response, you host the data on your website on CDN nodes. As soon as the user submits the request, the nearest node will come into action and will send the data of your site to the user which is hosted on it through CDN. And there will not be a single node, there are multiple nodes that will carry the data to your website.

Should you consider a CDN?

Today, when there are a lot of people browsing and a number of websites are around, surely the one that grabs attention will be the sites with authentic data and appropriate speed. If you have a website that has a lot of traffic and it tends to get slow due to overloading, you should consider opting for a CDN. It is because the CDN offers you scalability and flexibility. It will act according to your audience and will provide them a better user end experience from your site. Moreover, in the modern era, if you are into SEO, you will know that the search engines rank websites high which have good speed and decent authority. You can gain a positive vote from the search engine bots by adding your website to a CDN. Better speed and better user end experience is likely to give a boost to your website in the ranking.


In short, the CDN is becoming widely popular with the bloggers due to its benefits and there are more and more people adding their sites to such networks. Looking at that, many people have started to provide the service of CDN. In all that, you may be looking to start with the cheapest cdn hosting by spacecdn. It provides you almost all the benefits and things that a CDN must provide. However, before opting for the services of any company, ensure that it complies with your needs.

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