How Contus Vplay helps to build a video streaming website like Netflix, Twitch or Youtube?

Two-thirds of teenagers watch videos on their phones and tablets. More than 90% of adults binge watch movies on video streaming and video on demand services every week. Admit it. Even you have spent hours on mobile watching videos in Youtube, Netflix that got you hooked instantly.

Video streaming is huge and is estimated to touch $70.05 Billion by 2021. It is exploding with a growth momentum similar to the Internet we saw in the 90s.

Contrary to common belief, several industries are embracing video as a part of their strategy to reach their customers, impart product knowledge and also to fine tune internal communication. The streaming possibilities on every platform are striving to reach the next revolution in the streaming industry within a comfortable state of platforms. Most of the video streaming & video on demand solution providers urge in building video streaming websites that creates immersive functionality in discovering what the users precisely expect.

Some of the Giant Players in the Video Streaming Industry

Netflix: The only video streaming platform with having more than 130 million memberships across 190 Countries. The leadingvideo streaming service that almost reached a maximum number of Netflix consumers where they spend more time on Netflix than the traditional broadcasting. The online video streaming service is more compatible with all the devices especially like Apple TV’s, Cable boxes, iPhone, Android and Much more.

Twitch: A broad user base online video streaming service with having 2 million unique viewers across the world. Originally meant for streaming video games, gradually amplified to stream music, occasional TV series, talk shows, bands etc. The video streaming service is featured with several programs for non-gamers that eventually towered audience growth of the Twitch.

YouTube: A video streaming website that has become a household name. Having a massive user base based on the presence where an average user spends more than 25 minutes in a day. The major accomplishment that YouTube has, it is more accessible to the world in large which consist of 76 global language and reachable to 60 countries. Content creatures can launch their own YouTube channels to maximize the revenue of individuals based on subscriptions and number of viewers.

Industries where video on demand can make a difference include:

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • News/media
  • Music
  • Religious prayers
  • Corporate events and many others.

But, building a video on demand solution needs more than just coding skills. Sometimes it is better to build on a foundation than start from scratch.

That is where Contus Vplay comes into the picture. Here is more about the state-of-the-art video on demand solution.

Contus Vplay: A Feature-rich Video on Demand Solution

Contus Vplay is a video on demand platform that is engineered to develop a site like Netflix, Twitch, Youtube complete with video video content management, monetization, hosting, distribution and syndication.

As a readymade platform, it can be custom-built for industry-specific video delivery. From live streaming of events to corporate training videos, there is plenty that Contus Vplay makes possible without giving video owners, publishers and broadcasters the nightmare of coding.

How Contus Vplay Video on Demand Works

The image above shows how Contus Vplay makes on demand video streaming possible.

  1. As shown, the process begins with the file upload by the video owner who could be a television channel owner, broadcaster or a publisher.
  2. The uploaded file is moved to Contus Vplay’s EC2 Cloud Dashboard from where it is moved to Amazon S3 bucket for media storage close like Netflix.
  3. The file remains in the bucket until it is demand arises. On demand, the file is encoded using
    AWS Elastic Transcoder.
  4. The encoded file is moved to the Cloud Front Edge from where it would be streamed to respective user device screens.

Build Your Own Video on Demand Platform

Exclusive Video Streaming Features of Contus Vplay

Some praiseworthy features of Contus Vplay that makes it a focussed-tool for live streaming and on demand video streaming is as below:

Video content management

Unlike documents, images or any other file types, video library management is a nightmare. Locating, previewing and retrieving specific file from mountains of video files is next to impossible without a video content management solution.

Moreover, each video has ownership, copyrights, licenses and redistribution permits which need to be monitored and tracked with precision. You think you can do all of that with a spreadsheet?

That’s a sure recipe for disaster. Media houses, broadcasters and content creators need a solid system that can manage and retrieve data instantly in multiple formats with processing abilities for real-time rendering. A readymade solution to create a website like Netflix, Youtube, Twitch can help handle that easily.

Video Monetization

YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and several other video sharing websites allow users to earn income from their videos through advertisements and Google AdSense. But then, that is just the surface of video monetization. There are several other alternative video monetization forms like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, Pay per view, etc. which can repurpose your video for multiple revenue forms.

Video Distribution & Syndication

Video turns into a viral topic when it is spread across channels with the help of syndicators. Video syndication is a complex and can go out of hand if it is not closely watched. A well-equipped video on demand solution to build a website like Twitch, Youtube, Netflix can fit in here and simplify the start-to-stream process involved in video distribution and syndication.

Video Analytics

Which video has reached the maximum audience? What part of the video receives maximum viewership rates? What form of the video is received by the masses. All this and much more can be understood with the help of video analytics.

Video security

Video is an expensive asset. It has a longer shelf life and hence needs maximum security to safeguard it from piracy, unauthorized distribution or access, tampering, etc. A video on demand solution can provide multiple-level security measures that will ensure bullet-proof security for your video assets.

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – prevent your videos from being redistributed or pirated through Digital Rights Management.
  • Encryption – prevent tampering of video assets with encryption
  • Access control – allow only authorized users to access, view or own the video content.

Faster Playback:

A Speedy Playback is one of the most encouraging features among the VOD services across the global users. Contus Vplay is encoded with HTML5 which utterly eliminates video content from buffering and streamline the flow of Content delivery to maximize the number of users.

Multi Screen Compatibility:

Android, iOS, smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, hybrid devices or even Roku Tv, Chromecast, Apple Tv or anything else. Stream your video to any device of any size or OS platform without restraints. Contus Vplay will ensure that your OTT Tv service remains future-proof with all-device compatibility.

Social Media Integration:

Heighten the engagement of your video with social media integrations that broadcast your content to social media walls like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and other media syndicate channels. Turn your video playbacks into community hubs where viewers can chat, comment and interact socially.

In a Nutshell

To make a video streaming website like Youtube, Netflix, Twitch a comprehensive solution with integrated facilities for hosting, monetization and security is a must-have. A simple standalone software or a spreadsheet is simply not enough to take care of the video hosting, streaming and management requirements.

The above article spoke about how you can build a multi-screen video streaming platform and what range of features it can be integrated with for rendering engaging user experience.

Have anything more to add? Let us know in comments.


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  2. Thanks, The technology behind video streaming are

    Amazon EC2 – To set up instances to scale up and down adaptively based on requests.
    Amazon Route S3 – Provides storage in web service.
    HTML5 – Used to structure and render the content on the web.

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