Why It Pays To Have A Car Battery Charger During Winter

The winter season is something most arelooking forward to although it does carry some additional burden, particularly for car owners. Vehicle owners need to take the necessary precautions to makesure that their ride is good to go on the icy or snowy roads.

The first thing that comes to mind would be to either have snow tires or snow chains to make sure that drivers still have control of their car when driven on slippery roads. But looking over that, there are other things to check out. This includes the car battery, simply amust especially for the ones who have been in use for more than three years.

Battery maintenance ramps up after years of use. This means that their charge may not be as efficient as before, meaning constantly checking the battery water and the charge needs to be done more frequently. For those who prefer to wait until their car battery totally dies, it would be a wise idea to invest in the best car battery charger available in the market.

For some who may not be aware of the impact that cold climate has on car batteries, it does have a huge effect on its efficiency. According to AAA’s Automotive Research Center, a car’s battery loses about 60-percent of its strength when temperatures are at zero-degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, this explains why some vehicles are armed with plug-in engine warmers that can be used overnight. This way, it helps ensure that a car would more likely start faster with a warm engine and despite a weak battery. Bear in mind that starting a car in the cold weather puts more strain on thebattery, clearly explaining why these engine warmers are important.

So how would one know that a battery is nearing the end of its useful life? There are several indicators tied up to that. This includes:

1. Grinding or clicking sound when the ignition is turned.

2. Vehicle cranks slower than it usually does.

3. Headlights are dimmer and only brighten when a driver revs up the engine for more charge.

4. Batteries that are more than three years are due for replacement. That useful life may differ of course depending on usage and weather conditions.

There are some ways to safeguard a battery from getting too cold for comfort. The engine warmer is fine although one can opt to remove them and place it somewhere like the garage. To make sure that it does not end up discharging, hook it up to a car battery charger. Bringing it inside the home is possible as well although it may cause some sort of danger since the hydrogen gas created from charging it makes it a fire hazard. It is added effort on the part of a car owner but something that can save them from the discomfort and unwanted expenses when the car battery ends up dead.

Owning a car battery charger should come in handy regardless if it is winter or the hot months. The climate plays a crucial part in the lifespan of a battery, meaning it would be best to take the necessary measures for its upkeep.

There are other factors to consider as well when it comes to a battery’s useful life. That includes additional accessories that a car owner has installed. With so many technology-related items available for a vehicle, one can imagine the load a battery would have to handle aside from the usual audio or even video setup that needs the right amount of current for it to function properly.

It would be wise to have the electrical and car battery charge checked by a certified electrician or car battery dealer. They do make the necessary readings and advise you on whether your car is charging properly or not. Aside from the battery, there is also the alternator that needs attention since it regulates the power distributed to the vehicle. Covering all these car-related issues should help lessen the worries of drivers, especially the ones who use their vehicles daily.

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