Elevator Shoes Or Shoe Lifts

elevator shoes for men

A lot of people wonder which to go for between elevator shoes and shoe lifts. We’ll be comparing the two of them here and we will be leaving you to make your decision.

Differences Between Elevator Shoes And Shoe Lifts

First, you need to know that elevator shoes and shoe lifts perform the same function which is; to make you look taller than you are. But the major difference between these two is that manufacturers make elevator shoes high already. So, all you need to do is to put your legs in the shoes and you will become taller immediately.

On the other hand, shoe lifts are like insoles or shoe pads only that they are higher. With these insoles or pads, you have to put them in your shoes before you wear them. Having to put in shoe lifts in different shoes any time you want to wear them can be frustrating. And we will want to avoid going through that stress.

Furthermore, with elevator shoes, you can gain as much as 7 inches in height which we can agree is impressive. With shoe lifts, the most you can gain is 2 inches which are quite disappointing if you ask us. Because of this, if you are a very short person, you should not even be considering shoe lifts. Just go for elevator shoes as it will make you considerably taller.

Again, elevator shoes come in different style and design for any event you will be attending. You can get elevator boots for hiking, elevator formal shoes for the office, and elevator sneakers for sports, etc. But, you can’t use shoe lifts for all type of shoes. For example, shoe lifts won’t work in loafers or any low-cut shoes because they are considerably short.

Lest we forget, elevator shoes help in improving the posture of the wearer. However, it is not proven that shoe lifts help the user improve posture. So, if you want to walk more gracefully, you should be looking at getting an elevator shoe.

Moreover, elevator shoes are incredibly stylish and you are sure to stand out (literally) when you wear one. However, shoe lifts make no style impact and you will just pass as wearing your regular shoes. In fact, with elevator shoes, you will become more noticeable but the same cannot be said if you wear shoe lifts.

One of the advantages shoe lifts have over elevator shoes is the price. Shoe lifts are considerably cheaper than elevator shoes. But, it is expected since you won’t be getting the same height benefits as the elevator shoes. Another advantage of the shoe lift is that it is detachable. Which means whenever you choose not to ‘look taller’, you can always take it off.


From the body of this article, you would have seen the major benefits of using either shoe lifts or elevator shoes. The choice remains yours but we’ll go for elevator shoes for men. This is because you cannot overemphasize the advantages of elevator shoes over shoe lifts.

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