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In the past, companies recurred to use newspapers and television to show their offers through different visual, colorful and striking ads. But this time has now gone, and nowadays, businesses recur to combine this method with another and more modern method.

They recur to the Internet, a new gate to access all kinds of clients. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have become very popular. Social Media are part of our life and offer companies a new, lively and useful advertising platform.

These types of ads are even cheaper than others described before, as they can recycle them in different Social Networks. For example, you can prepare a video or an animation to give publicity to your product, and post it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Some companies even take advantage and use the same spot on TV.

Music, dance, cartoons, famous actors or even “normal” people, all these elements are used to get the attention of customers. You can prepare the perfect ad with a crazy song, a beautiful dance or funny cartoons, and you will get a lot of future customers.

Just think about how important ads are that some companies even fight for the rights to advertise in the Super Bowl. Half time is the most important moment of Super Bowl, a great stage for the greatest companies. These ads are the most expensive ones of the whole year, and for this reason it’s very important to prepare terrific ads.

Ad on Social Media

In the case of Social Media, they are as a diary Super Bowl. Companies fight to be the most tweeted on Twitter, the most followed on Facebook or YouTube or to have more likes than others companies on Instagram. So, companies recur to use pictures with a great phrase, a terrific video or a catchy song.

The problem begins when your company is new and you need to get clients fast and easily. Maybe you can have the funniest, the most beautiful and catchiest ad of the whole world, but if your company is unknown, you can’t get a lot of costumers.

To solve this, you can recur to Social Networks, but using it correctly. For example, if you use YouTube you will need likes and get subscriptions, but if you use Twitter you will need likes, followers and retweets. For others, such as Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need friends or followers, reposts and likes.

However, all Social Network need comments; they are the most important part of Social Media. Without comments, Social Networks are just “networks”, so it’s very important to interact with our future customers and hear their petitions.

How to use Instagram to boost your company

We recommend you to start using Instagram, because you could find a lot of interactive followers that will help you to boost your account. Even your company can become an influencer in its sector and get a lot of followers, who are the future customers.

Don’t panic if you don’t get a lot of followers quickly, because you can recur to purchase new followers to help you boost the company’s account. It is important to be careful with the type of customers that you buy, because you can find two types: “robotic followers” (as we call them) or “real followers”.

 If you buy “robotic followers”, you will have a lot of followers that only give to you a simple “follow”. Sometimes they can leave you some comments, but usually these comments are robotic, fake and don’t related with your post. This is because they don’t interact with your posts with comments, likes or repost. These followers are assigned by a program, so they are just a number in your list of followers, but there is no “life” behind these accounts.

The second option is to buy “real followers” which I think is the best option. Why do I think that? Because when you buy “real followers” you pay to obtain followers controlled by workers. Of course, you need to pay them to interact with your account, but you will get real comments, likes or reposts. How can these Instagram tools help you to boost your company’s Instagram account?

Instagram tools

Easy, if you get custom Instagram comments that speak about how good is your company and your work; you will boost your account with a lot of new followers that want to know more and more about the company. For example, if you are photographer, these comments can talk about how good are your pictures or your capacity to photography the best of each model.

So, comments are important because people can read how other people feel about your work and your ads. When you purchase real followers, you can buy comments to boost your Instagram account. Because comments are very important, you can choose the texts and give them to the comment seller, and his workers will use your comments on your posts.

Instead, if you get likes on Instagram, this advertise that your company’s ads are the most terrific in the Social Networks, so try to use the same ad in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, television, newspapers or radio.

Likes are one of the most important tools of Instagram, because people use it to express their feeling about ads. An ad with a few likes could be a little strange for your followers and future customers, but if your ad gets a lot of likes quickly, this is synonymous that you have a great product.

So, we recommend you to purchase likes to boost your post and get quickly new followers and likes. These followers, that you have bought, will attract new, real and free followers that connect with the social net of purchased followers.

Other important tools are reposts, because people use that to give your post more vision. How do reposts work? It’s very simple; with only a click your followers will share your post with their own followers. That is the best way to promote your company, because it will work as an advertising chain if your followers repost your ad and his follower reposts your ad too, etc.

Of course it’s the most difficult way to expand your business, as you need to have a very funny, amazing and beautiful ads to get reposted several times. But, if you need to get a lot of customers, you can recur to purchase reposts from your purchased followers. They will repost and help you to boost your account and increase your customers.

In conclusion, Social Media is a great method to gain more customers, but you need to use them as you would use a spot shown at half time on the Super Bowl: with innovative ads, preparing the most shocking ad combined with our tricks to boost your Instagram account.

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