Easily Create A Logo with DesignEvo Solution

Find logo creation difficult? Not a designer who knows how to play Photoshop well and make a logo? No worry? We find a simpler solution that works for everybody. As long as you have a computer and know how to surf the Internet, you are way good to DIY a logo in this way. Feel excited? Ready to go? OK!

The solution is provided by DesignEvo logo maker, which is web-based and super easy. You can find the access to it by copying and pasting designevo.com to your URL.

How to Design A Logo with DesignEvo

Once entering the DesignEvo interface with [Make a Free Logo], you will find it pretty resourceful. It offers nicely-design Templates, which is said over 3000 logo samples by its official prints. So as you can guess, it gives users two choices to design a logo in real life– modifying templates to build your logo, or making your logo from scratches with your own wit and wisdom.

Using DesignEvo Templates

Its templates are well organized, therefore it’s pretty easy to select out your preferred logo looks.  The search box in the template mode allows you to use a keyword to pick from related logo inspirations in a minute. Let’s say, input “Software” in the search box, you will see software logos as below.

Then click one that comes to your mind, the rest steps will be your customization works. So we think it’s best to just leave these parts to you. Unleash your creativity!

Design A Logo from Zero Easily

Knowing how to create a logo with DesignEvo template, you may also want to read how to use DesignEvo to design a logo from zero. Well, well, it’s a piece of cake. Follow us!

When seeing DesignEvo template mode, click [Start from Scratch]. You will get a blank workspace with the working canvas on the right. Press [Text] to add a logo text, [Icon] to add a logo symbol, [Shape] to insert logo shapes. After adding a logo element, you are free to do the customization works.  Simply selecting a logo element, you will find its functional bar on the top, which only shows up when it’s activated.

That’s all. Find DesignEvo interesting and like to give it a run on your own? Copy designevo.com to a browser’s URL field and hit [Enter]. Enjoy!

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